Hysterical Literature

I discovered these videos a few months ago and I think they’re just amazing! These women have volunteered to be filmed reading from a book of their choosing. Under the table where the camera can’t see, they are straddling a hitachi vibrator. It’s breathtaking to watch her struggle to keep reading as their climax builds, to see the way her voice catches as the oddest little words trigger a spasm of pleasure. Oh, it’s glorious. I highly recommend watching these videos — hell, maybe you’ll even want to try this yourself!

There is nothing in the universe as wonderful as a woman embracing her orgasmic bliss.

Hysterical Literature 1: Stoya

I think this might be the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Literature + orgasm = bliss.

Stoya is reading Necrophilia Variations by supervert

Hysterical Literature 2: Alicia

I can think of nothing more beautiful and arousing than a woman having an orgasm while reading. There is something so astoundingly erotic about how her voice catches on the unlikeliest words as she struggles to maintain her composure in the face of undeniable pleasure.

Hysterical Literature 3: Danielle

Oh my God. It’s just gorgeous.

Hysterical Literature 4: Stormy

She’s so clearly having a great time.

Hysterical Literature 5: Teresa

Visit the site: hystericalliterature.com.

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