The Awkward Stripper’s Audition

With the credit card bills piling up, her rent overdue, and her stress boiling over, Alexis knew she needed to make a change. Her job as a waitress wasn’t cutting it and she didn’t want to drop school, since she was just two semesters from graduating.

She considered stripping, but merely dancing on a stage made her so nervous she wanted to puke, even more so when she considered doing it naked. While the idea freaked her out, she decided to at least see if stripping was an option. The money was good, and she really needed some cash. She managed to book an audition with the manager of one of the clubs in town, a surprisingly neat man who looked like a church accountant. He looked her up and down like he was appraising a car and even though she was fully clothed she already felt naked under his probing gaze.

“Well, you’ve got the look. Turn around,” he said. “Cute ass, nice. Why don’t you take your clothes off so I can get a better look?”

Alexis blushed as she began to unceremoniously pull herself out of her clothing. The room was suddenly a million degrees but her pussy felt even warmer. When she climbed out of her jeans, she hesitated, standing awkwardly in her underwear. She glanced at the manager. It felt wrong to get naked in front of a stranger.

Her gut twisted with anxiety. Could she really go through with this?

“Go ahead,” he said.

Alexis took a deep breath. She trembled, reached slowly behind her back, and unclasped her bra. She let it slip to the floor. Her nipples tightened immediately into hard little buds. Her pussy twanged.

The manager nodded appreciatively. “Nice tits,” he said. “Love your nipples. You’re super pale, the guys will eat you up if you dance for us.”

Alexis smiled, barely listening. Her heart pounded ferociously.

“Let’s see the rest of you,” he said, pointing his finger at her panties. She didn’t like the glimmer in his eyes, but she decided she’d better get used to it. Lots of guys would be leering at her if she went through with this job. Well, assuming she could get the job. Which was a maybe at best.

She took a deep breath and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. Her hands trembled. She froze. Her hazel eyes widened, like a deer in the headlights. She stared at the manager with his arms crossed on his chest. Her pulse thudded in her pussy as she overheated.

Showing her tits was one thing, but Alexis found herself up against a wall of embarrassment when it came to stripping off her panties. She bit her lower lip, telling herself not to be such a prude and just do it.

It’s no big deal. Imagine you’re at the doctor. Pretend he’s your boyfriend.

She scolded herself with these thoughts.

“Everything okay?” the manager asked. “I need to see the rest of you.”

Alexis imagined herself on stage in this club, twirling around a pole, shimmying her breasts to the hoots and hollers of the clientele. A knot of nerves twisted like a knife in her belly, but also a flush of hot lust. She imagined herself turning her ass to the crowd, bending over slowly, and hooking her thumbs into her sequined panties… It seemed so easy in her imagination.

If she was going to work here, she’d have to pull those panties down. Down. Off. Bare. Could she go through with it? She hesitated…

She imagined herself freezing like she was frozen now, while she was up on stage. She could almost hear the guys shouting for her to show them her pussy while she swirled in an agony of indecision.

“Sorry,” she said, blushing. “I’m nervous.”

The manager nodded, looking irritated. “You sure you’re ready to be a stripper?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I promise.”

“Well, then get to it. I’ve gotta see you dance, ask you a bunch of questions, and I’ve got a million other things to do before we open tonight. Now let’s see your cooch.”

Alexis felt her cheeks tingle. She inhaled deeply, squashing the feelings that she was about to cross a point of no return. She’d grown up Catholic, though not very religious, and apparently she still had a deep conservative streak running right down to her tailbone. Her upbringing told her firmly that she was a whore for showing strange men her pussy, although she didn’t really believe it. The shame learned in Sunday school runs deep…

She brushed her hair back and straightened her shoulders, making her breasts poke out. The manager noticed with a leer. She bent hastily, hooked the elastic, and pulled — and just like that her panties were on the worn carpet of the club.

She didn’t look up at first. She just gazed at the pile of clothes heaped like a fallen Jedi knight on the floor. She’d worn a pair of green, silky underthings in an attempt to impress. Now they were abandoned on this skanky carpet that had god-knows-what spilled on it over the years. If her bra and panties were on the floor, that meant they weren’t covering her most private parts, and the realization of her utter nakedness sank in. Her face was beet red and her pussy ached. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. She hugged herself, hiding as much as she could with a crooked leg covering her bits, squirming with the pleasurable torture of being examined by a stranger.

He looked her up and down. “Don’t cross your legs like that,” he said. “Turn around.”

Her heart thudded as she showed him her pert ass. Her breath was quick and sharp.

“Very nice. Now sit on the chair facing me,” he said.

She sat in a straight-backed black chair with her back perfectly straight and her thighs clamped together. She looked prim and proper, except for the nakedness.

“Sit back and spread your legs so I can get a good look,” he said.

Alexis gasped. “Really?”

“Of course. I need to see what you’re offering. Not every pussy looks good on stage.”

She nodded, her heart racing along with her thoughts. It didn’t occur to Alexis to question him. If she’d thought about it, she was pretty sure that the patrons of this club weren’t too picky about the kinds of pussy they saw on stage. Meaty or lean, delicate, ruffled or tidy. It didn’t occur to her at the time that the manager just wanted her to spread for him for his own kinky reasons.

She swallowed, licking her lips. Then she leaned back and cracked her legs ever-so-slowly, just showing a sliver of her dirty bits.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be so shy and just spread ‘em,” he said.

It was like moving a mountain, but Alexis cranked her legs wide apart. A breath of cold air flirted with her folds. She tingled fiercely. Her chest was flushed and she let out a deep gasp. Her pussy was swollen and glistened with dew, her naughty lips nestled between soft curls of dark fur.

The manager wrote something down on his clipboard. “Fine. Good. You’ll have to shave, though. You’re too furry.”

Alexis nodded, gulping air. She was mortified. “Okay,” she said, trembling. Her thighs shook. She felt dumb. Like a total noobie.

The manager leaned back in his chair. It creaked.

“Look, uh,” he looked at his clipboard, “Look, Alexis. You’re super hot, but I’m afraid you’re not going to do well as an exotic dancer. You can close your legs, by the way.”

She snapped them shut and sat up, her breasts jiggling. After sitting spread-eagled for a minute or two, closing her legs made her feel positively modest!

The manager continued. “You looked like you were going to faint just taking your bra off in front of me.”

Alexis put her hands under her naked thighs. “Okay, I know I’m nervous now, but I’ll get used to it. I promise!”

“Why do you want to be a stripper?” he said.

She hesitated, not wanting to tell him the real reason.

“I ask because most of the girls who come in here can barely keep their clothes on. I’ve never seen an audition that was so awkward, and I haven’t even seen you dance yet. You have any experience with a pole?”

“No,” she said. “I’ve never done this before.”

“You just need the money, don’t you?” he said.

She nodded. “I’m up to my eyebrows in debt,” she said. “I want to finish school…”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this a million times. You’re not the only sexy coed to need money. They’re a dime a dozen. The reality is that you’re not cut out for stripping.”

Alexis nodded again. She knew it was true. She’d tried, she’d failed. She felt defeated.

She shook hands with the manager who curtly told her to put her clothes on and leave. She bent to gather her things. He walked by and as he passed, he slapped her petite, naked ass. She gasped, jerking upright as he walked away.

Alexis dressed, discouraged by her lack of sexual confidence. She kept thinking about the girls who could barely keep their clothes on. Why wasn’t she like that? She was hot enough, she figured. She turned plenty of heads, and yet…

She loathed that she’d sucked so bad at this audition. She felt like she’d failed on some fundamental level. This audition was like a mirror on the rest of her life. She was too shy to ask the cute guy at school to come back to her apartment, even though she’d really just wanted to bone him. She wondered if she was using the word “bone” right? Maybe that was just for guys.

Alexis was also too reserved to be really great at giving blowjobs, always too timid with a dick between her lips. She barely even masturbated, feeling awkward about the wetness and the squishing noises, even in the privacy of her own bed.

As she pulled her top back on, Alexis resolved to turn over a new leaf sexually. From now on she was going to push her boundaries. No, not push them: blow them away. She was going to become a sexual superstar. She would come back here in a few months and strip off her clothes like a peepshow pro, give the manager a complimentary blow job, and strut out of the place shooting fireworks from her tits and Skittles from her ass. She was mad at herself for fucking this audition up so badly, but she could try it again. The next time, she would kick some ass.

Her jeans and panties rubbed against her swollen folds, which made her tingle even harder. Her heart still pounded with anger and arousal. She felt antsy and reckless.

Alexis stalked down the long, velvet-walled corridor out of the club. At the door leaned a huge guy with a goatee. She was suddenly afraid. She didn’t know him and there was nobody around. He approached.

“Hey,” he said, extending his paw.

She shook his meaty hand.

“I saw part of your audition,” he said.

She flushed two shades deeper. “Oh,” she said. She didn’t know there were ways for people to watch. How mortifying.

He handed her a slip of paper. It said: “Tim 6177232500”.

He leaned close, wrapping his hand around her wrist.

“This is a friend of mine,” the man said. “If you’re looking for money, and don’t mind doing bedroom things, this guy will be happy to, um, fund your education.”

Alexis looked quizzically at him, not sure if she should slap him, thank him or kick him in the nuts. He let go of her wrist and smiled.

“Think about it,” he said. “Easy money.”

She didn’t say anything. The guy just strutted back into the club, leaving her spinning with a million anxious thoughts.

Alexis walked to her car through a swirling snow shower. It was the beginning of December and she could barely see where she was going. She pulled up her hood and hastily cleared snow off of her car windows, jumping into the driver’s seat and bringing clumps of cold wetness in with her.

She sat while the car warmed up, staring at the slip of paper. A few minutes ago, she’d resolved to turn over a new leaf of sexual courage, to do things she’d never imagined. To blow her boundaries away. This slip of paper was a doorway that led to… What? She didn’t know. It was scary. It was fucking terrifying.

Maybe it was the desperation for money, or the frustration at having failed her audition, or the heat that still pulsed between her thighs, but Alexis pulled her phone from her pocket.

Her hands trembled as she keyed the number from the slip of paper. Her thumb quivered over the dial button. She bit her lower lip as she made the call.

Ringing. Her heart pounded.

“Tim’s phone.” A man’s voice. Deep, with a New England accent.

She took a deep breath. She screwed up all of her nerves. If it went too far she could just hang up.

“Hi Tim,” she said.

She watched the snow melt as it hit her windshield, rivulets of water dripping down the glass as the heater blasted against it. Meanwhile she set a date with Tim, her heart in her throat. Alexis felt her boundaries melting just like that snow. She slipped a hand over her crotch, rubbing the warmth through her jeans as she discussed selling her body to a stranger. Her voice caught in her throat as she throbbed and tingled between her legs.

She hung up. Her mouth was dry and her pussy was moist. Adrenaline and fear coursed through her body. She felt dizzy. She tore at the button and fly of her jeans, frantically zipping out and pushing them to her ankles. She peeled off her panties, gasping at the cold fabric of the seat against her fanny. With a low moan, she plunged her fingers between her pussy lips, slipping them up inside. She’d just been in a strip club and her hands might not be too clean, said a warning voice in her head. She ignored the voice, squelching her cunt between her fingers, thrusting her hips off the seat as she plowed herself.

“Oh, god,” she hissed. The pleasure made her squirm. She cocked the carseat back so she was almost lying flat, spreading her thighs wide enough to get up inside her pussy. She’d never fucked herself so urgently before, her fingers crammed into her hole, her cunt juices soaking her palm. Her thighs quivered and she moaned as she stroked the roof of her vagina, urgently working the flesh until it was tight and hard, hot and sensitive. She rocked her hips and clenched her ass, her whole body stiffening.

The orgasm rocked through her and she unwound with a sharp cry and a jerk, thrusting her hips and fingers in unison, her soft flesh clenching hot and quick around her fingers. Waves of pleasure washed over her, and then shivers of relief as every tension in her body unfurled at once. She laid her head back, her heart pummeling her ribs, her breath hot and fast. The spasms still rippled gently through her core.

She glanced down, embarrassed to find a wet streak on the fabric of the car seat. Alexis hastily pulled her pants on, looking around to see if anyone was nearby. The coast was clear, and the snow fell so fast she felt like she was in her own secret world.

Her body still thrummed with energy as she contemplated her life. She squirmed in her seat, wondering what she’d just done: auditioned to be a stripper yet failed, masturbated urgently in the front seat of her car, and set a date to get paid for sex. Alexis could hardly believe that she was the person who’d set these events in motion. Who was she becoming?

She should call this guy back and cancel their ‘date’. Common sense told her it was a bad idea. She banished the thought. She was going to go through with this. She needed the money, and some deep, dirty part of her needed liberation. Alexis was ready to disown the girl who’d been too embarrassed to get naked at the audition and force herself to become a woman of the world. A fearlessness awoke in her, some part of her soul that craved adventure and wild times, things that Alexis had barely known.

“Fuck,” she said, pulling out into the snowy lot. “This is gonna happen.”

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