Open Access at the Met

Open Access at the Met. That title sounds like it could be sexy, doesn’t it? This is more of a practical post. If you want a sexy story about art, may I recommend The Exhibit?


As a blogger and book-wrangler I often need art to add some sparkle to a book cover or a post. Sometimes the bare words do the trick, but a picture is worth a thousand sex-soaked words.

The internet is full of images, but as you probably know you’re not really allowed to use most of the images on the web (copyright, mumble mumble). I love finding new sources for art that I can legally adapt and share.

As it turns out the Metropolitan Museum makes its collection available online and they offer license information. They even give us a quick filter for anything in the public domain. (Public domain is free for anyone to use in any way they please, without attribution).

For example, I found this lovely:


Or this beauty by Suzanne Valadon called Joy of Life:


And more than 200K others that are marked as public domain. Enjoy!

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