College Try

This was a little story I pulled out of the vault and brushed off for the blog. It’s a reminder that I used to churn out erotica (of dubious quality) for pennies. I would much rather let you enjoy it for free. Erotica Libre!

One night in college…

I was hanging out in my dorm room with Mark and Josh, two good friends.

“You ever watch porn before?” Mark asked me.

“Ugh,” I said.

I certainly wasn’t a prude. I bet I’d had more actual sex than Mark and Josh combined, not to mention my general fascination with fucking. But porn wasn’t part of the repertoire.

“Porn’s not for girls,” I joked.

“Bullshit,” he said. He pulled a DVD (yeah, it was the ’90s) out of his backpack and flashed us a wicked grin. “Want to?”

“Uh, no?” I said.

“You’re telling me you’re twenty and you’ve never seen porn? And you’re okay with that?”

“We had to watch some for my feminism and sexuality class,” I said.

“Great, so you already know more than me. Let’s watch it,” Mark said, inserting the disk.

“Mark, if she doesn’t want to…” Josh said, trailing off as the explicit preview began.

There was an erection and cum and a woman bouncing on a cock, some terrible doink music, a closeup of a dick and pussy mushing together. I had a hard time figuring out which parts were which. It was disorienting.

I stared, wide-eyed, at the gross anatomy splashed across the screen. And that was just the advertisement.

Josh cringed with embarrassment on my behalf. “We can turn it off,” he said, making no move for the remote.

“Maybe a little bit will be interesting,” I said.

We sat on my bed and watched. I had Mark on one side of me and Josh on the other. We turned off the lights. I remember the snow whirling outside the dorm room window. The video was awful and we spent a lot of time laughing at how bad it was. I was in the space between disgusted and totally turned on. I covered my eyes sometimes but I couldn’t look away.

We watched a scene with three hard muscular dudes and a thin woman with small tits. The guys were all over her. At one point she was taking turns slurping two guys and she rode the third. I was fascinated by their big cocks and how eager she was to take on three of them. I covered my eyes when they came on her face, but peeked through my trembling fingers to watch anyway.

Then Josh put his hand on my thigh.

I glanced at him, shocked. He smiled.

I glanced back at the show, not quite sure what to do or say. Mark was oblivious.

Josh slid his hand up my thigh until his fingers were against my pussy. He could feel my heat through the pajamas. His fingers felt great but I wanted more.

Josh rubbed me with tiny motions. I gasped. My eyes were glued to the action on the screen, but all my attention was on the friction between my legs.

What if Mark noticed? Did I care?

I reached for the bulge in Josh’s sweatpants. He made a little noise when I squeezed his cock. I opened my legs and Josh covered my crotch with his whole hand. He squeezed my pussy.

At that moment in the video a porny guy was eating out a girl’s pussy. I boiled.

I chewed my lip. I smelled the clean scent of Josh’s hair as he scooted closer to me and pressed his warm body against mine.

He kissed my neck silently, sending shivers down my spine. He fumbled with the elastic of my pajama bottoms. I held my breath and longed to kiss him back. He awkwardly slipped his hand into my pants and his fingers slid into my heat. I moaned. I squeezed him in response. He was rock hard.

This was getting too hot to handle. My breath quickened as Josh explored my hot folds.

Mark jumped when I touched his thigh. He glanced at me in surprise, saw Josh’s hand wiggling in my pajamas, and smiled.

He stood up and stripped off his pants, revealing his pale cock.

I giggled. “You’re not shy!”

He grabbed his penis and shook it. “Not shy at all!”

He knelt on the bed, took my head in his hands, and kissed me lingeringly. I squeezed the bulge in Josh’s pants while Mark left me breathless with tender kisses, his cock bouncing just inches from me.

Excitement jolted me as I reached out an touched Mark’s naked cock. It was silky smooth and so hard. His tip was slick with moisture. I wondered if I did that to him or it was the porn.

Mark groaned as I stroked him. Josh stripped from the waist down. The sight of his white buttocks gave me a vicious rush. The two guys sandwiched me from either side, taking turns making out with me, touching me. Both guys were running hot.

I had a dick in each hand. Think about that: two men, two cocks. It was a revelation! At that point in my life I’d held exactly two dicks (and not at the same time). I’d just doubled my lifetime dick-holding total!

I discovered that I was bad at pleasuring two guys at once. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried stroking two dicks at the same time but it requires lots of coordination. I jerked one and forgot to jerk the other. I’m sure it was frustrating. There were simply too many cocks.

Mark laughed. “Can you rub your head and your tummy at the same time?” he said as my strokes stuttered.

I blushed. “Shut up,” I said. “Or we all put our clothes back on.”

“Yeah, I’d rather not,” he said.

“Then keep your comments to yourself. And no, I can’t,” I said, answering his tummy/head question.

Josh groaned. “Please just keep rubbing me, at least?”

I blushed.

As if to prove that I was good at this whole threesome thing, I leaned over and took Mark into my mouth. No drama, just like I was sucking on a lollipop. A salty lollipop.

Mark groaned like he was dying. Exhilaration.

It was probably a bad idea to make out with both of my friends at once, but I had two guys here and I’ve gotta admit, I felt pretty awesome.

Two men at once! Winning at the Game of Life! Score!!!

I slurped on Mark’s head, doing my best work. He was big and I had to open wide. He unbuttoned my pajama top, palmed my breast and massaged my nipple between his finger and thumb. I tingled fiercely.

I gulped on his erection, making gross slurping noises. My chin was wet. Blow jobs can be kind of fun, but they sure do get messy. Of course, I forgot about Josh’s lower half while sucking Mark, so in frustration he changed tactics and started working on me.

Josh pulled off my pajama bottoms. I lifted my hips as he stripped my panties off. The cold air rushed over my bare skin. It was a rush to have Josh gazing at my pussy while I sucked Mark’s cock.

The porno played in the background the whole time. Recorded sounds of slapping, gulping and moaning blended with our own.

Josh spread my thighs, his hands painting goosebumps all over the skin of my legs. I gasped around Mark’s cock. Josh pressed his lips to my pussy with all of the tenderness of a lover’s first kiss. A moment later he was devouring my folds, slurping desperately at my flesh. I lifted my hips to his face, letting the pleasure travel right up my core and transferring my horniness into the eager blow job I was giving Mark. Mark, for his part, cupped my tit with one hand while he ran his free hand through my hair.

Josh was making it hard to concentrate. I closed my eyes and moaned, forgetting Mark’s cock temporarily. Josh flicked my clit with his tongue. The little bud was swollen with tingly pleasure. He slipped his fingers into my pussy. The pads of his fingers rubbed the roof of my vagina until I was beside myself.

I panted and quaked as his mouth wrapped over my soaking flesh and his fingers penetrated me again and again. Unbelievable pleasure pooled between my legs. I gripped Mark’s cock and he nuzzled against my lips, but all I could do was moan and thrust my hips.

I came to the edge of the abyss.

I parted my lips and sucked Mark into my mouth. He moaned at the pleasure and squeezed my tits in response.

That put me over the edge.

For a split-second I became blindingly aware of two men. Two men. One of them groped my breasts, his cock pressed to my lips. The other licked my pussy and had his fingers inside of me.

Two guys. Holy shit. I was a sex goddess.

“Shit, I’m close, babe,” Mark groaned.

“Me too,” I whimpered. I thought of Mark coming right this second. Right in my mouth. Just as my own insides were ramping toward…

I came, my core clenching delightfully around Josh’s fingers. I cried and quivered.

The porno played in the background, fake real sex mirrored against real real sex.

Josh spread my thighs and pressed his cockhead against my hot folds. God I wanted him inside so badly! He rubbed his tip up and down my pussy, picking up my moisture, and then he started to penetrate me. It was slow going, despite my wetness.

“Tight,” he groaned.

“Wait,” I gasped.

His cockhead nudged into me. I could feel it like a ring of fire.

“Wait,” I said again.

Josh stopped, halfway inside. He trembled. Every instinct told him to thrust to my core.

“What is it?” he groaned.

“Condom,” I said.

I wanted him so badly. I wanted to feel him inside, the slide of his hard shaft in my gushing pussy, but I knew better than to lose my head. No glove, no love. It’s the law.

“Shit,” Josh said, grimacing at the ache in his balls. His tip was already inside, and I could see the war being fought in his brain. He wanted to fuck me so badly!

Josh glanced at me and then at Mike. Mike shook his head.

“I don’t have one,” Mike said.

The men looked at each other in agony. I was desperate and so were they. Josh was still half-thrust inside my pussy. For one second I almost told him to go ahead, fuck me, pour his cum inside of my womb. I knew both these guys, I trusted them. But I wasn’t on the pill, and I was a modern girl who knew what’s what. I shook my head.

“Come here,” I said, at wits’ end with desire — and at least a little guilty for leading them down this path and not putting out.

I got on my knees and took Josh more deeply in my mouth then I’d ever had a guy. He stood over me, standing awkwardly. I gagged and gulped, slurping him and stroking him messily. Mark stood up, too. As I gagged on Josh’s cock I stroked Mark’s — or rather I held it, forgetting to stroke.

Then I switched men. My mouth was super sloppy from sucking Josh but I went right down on Mark. He groaned like a Viking.

I didn’t think. My mouth went from guy to guy. I sucked cock like I’d never sucked and I’m sure I would’ve made the girls in the porno jealous.

I had both men groaning and quivering. My chin was dripping wet and the guys were soaked too. I stroked and sucked in one motion, my head bobbing. I tried to keep one busy with my mouth while I made sure the other wasn’t left too far behind. It was like a super-sexual game of concentration, only with dicks.

Mark reached the promised land first. He was twitchy and every time I went down he sort of bent over me, hugging my head like he was in pain. I took this as a good sign. I hadn’t ever really gotten a guy off in my mouth and I wasn’t sure what to expect. He gave me a little warning.

“I’m going to…” He moaned the words more than said them.

I could tell he wasn’t sure where to squirt, so I made the choice for him. I went way down — girls, I mean way down. I eased into it and fucked him deep into my mouth and tried not to totally gag. He groaned and stiffened and thrust.

“Fuck, fuck that feels great…” he moaned. “Holy shit, don’t stop.”

I took a deep breath through my nose and relaxed, ignoring that my mouth was packed with cock.

His cum spilled onto my tongue and down my throat. I gagged a little bit at that moment, but I swallowed and massaged his shaft and tip with my tongue. I smiled up at him, the look of ecstasy on his face an amazing reward for the rather messy work I’d just undertaken.

But I wasn’t done! There was another cock here, achingly stiff for attention.

I gulped down Mark’s offering and set in again on Josh, who I guess wasn’t squeamish about the other guy’s cum (or too horny to care). In any case, I started going to town on Josh. He moaned and groaned and gasped — all the sounds I wanted to hear! He wasn’t as large as Mark and I found it easier to take him deep, which he loved. He rolled his head back and moaned. I stroked him and sucked deep, my other hand braced on his naked abdomen. I loved the feel of his muscles flexing as I pleasured him.

Josh stiffened and quivered. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft. Mark, apparently trying to be useful, knelt behind me and stroked my wet pussy. I ignored the aching pleasure as well as I could. I was focused on getting Josh off. I wanted him to have the best time ever.

When it was clear that he was close, his tip big and fat and purple with desire, he put his hands lovingly on my head and said:

“Let me do it on your tits.”

I smiled and nodded, pushing my breasts out to give him a good splashboard. My nipples stuck out like hard nubbins. His eyes roved over his sexy target.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed it wickedly. I watched, fascinated, my chest heaving. His face turned bright red and he trembled. All of his muscles tightened. He groaned like the earth was giving way. He leaned back like he was losing his balance and…

“Oh my God,” I said, squinting as he thrust forward.

I flinched.

An incredible arc of cum squirted from his purple head. It was truly magnificent, if a little gross. He totally splattered my breasts, and spilled some in my hair and down my cheek as well. The first blast was followed by a few more bursts of cum that cooled quickly on my skin and trickled between my breasts.

I’d never been come on before. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I sure felt naughty with his jizz on me. Josh smiled, lifted me up and gave me a big, friendly hug. His cum wiped off on his t-shirt (which he was still wearing).

Over the following weeks and months I really wanted it to happen again. I bought condoms to keep them handy even though I didn’t have a boyfriend. During my last year in college I dreamed of taking that threesome to the next level, but it didn’t happen. I should’ve made something happen, but I guess I’m just not sexually assertive enough to really ask for what I want.

I had two men in my mouth and I mastered both of them. I could check it off my bucket list. I’ve never felt so powerful as I did pleasuring two guys at the same time.

Mark, Josh and I stayed friends through college. We never hooked up again, although I always wondered if it might happen. All three of us ultimately paired up with other people, got engaged, got married… I never told my husband about what happened that night, since I’m still in touch with the guys and I’m sure he’d be very jealous. While I’m sure nothing will ever happen after all these years, I still secretly smile when I think of them.

I kind of hope that their wives don’t know that I blew them both. At the same time. I like that it’s just my little secret with the guys.

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