On the Beach, Part 10

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Elie took my hand and brought me to my feet. He touched my cheek. The same cheek that had just moments before sparkled with a baptism of his jizz. I was coming down, coming back to earth, but my heart still skittered with anxious energy. Or horniness. Or both.

“My beauty, my lovely little Cunt. I will attend to you later.”

“Where are you going?” I frowned.

“I’m a lifeguard, remember? I saved you from drowning yesterday?”

I laughed. It seemed like forever ago. It reminded me that Elie, who seemed like a god conjured from the sea, was also a man.

“How can you possibly afford this place?” I said.

He smiled. “It is a rude question. You barely know me.”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I will punish you for it later,” he said with a smile. “While I’m gone you have a few errands. I expect you to find some new clothes. Avril can point you in the right direction. Buy a journal and write down anything about today that you think is important.”

“I don’t mind shopping,” I said. “You’re making this too easy.”

“You’ll obey Avril just like you would me, in my absence.”

“Happy to do that, too,” I said.

“Oh, and you are not allowed to wear clothes,” Elie said. “Except when you are trying them on in the shop.”

My throat tightened and arousal lurched in my belly.

“Is that legal?”

“Yes, but you will attract a lot of attention. Are you ready for that?”

“Yes.” I shivered. I was excited.

Elie smiled and drew me close. I trembled at the press of his muscles, at his warmth. My body hummed with an urgent need for him to take me.

“Elie, will you… Will you fuck me now before you go?”

“No,” Elie said. “I want you to wait for it.”

“Ugh,” I groaned. “I want you inside.”

“Good,” he said. “When you want it ten times as bad, maybe then you will be ready.”

“Oh, God. I’ll die.”

“You will not,” he said. “I promise.”

I watched Elie slip into short and a t-shirt. He was almost as sexy dressed as he was naked. Almost. I gazed at him. I was so attracted to him, but I realized that it wasn’t his body or his personality. From the moment I’d met him, he’d taken charge of me. I liked it.

Elie turned as he left. “Oh, and remember, you’re not to touch your pussy today. At all. Do you understand?”

I nodded and bit my lip.

I watched him leave and ached for more.

* * *

I showered. The entire time I was fixated on the ache between my legs. I wanted to touch myself. Elie would never know, but it violated the rules of the game he was constructing, and I didn’t want to seem so weak. But, ohhhhh, did I want to rub my clit. Not even an orgasm, just some rubbing, some pinching. I made a fist to keep my fingers from trailing down my abdomen.

I felt like a new person as the water dripped down my body. I’d certainly started a new adventure. I thought I might be going crazy, but I felt at home with Elie and his friends. I’m not sure I’d ever felt that before.

I found Avril, Asha, and Lars curled in a second, smaller bedroom. They were a tangle of limbs, sheets and bare skin. The room smelled of sex and incense.

Avril stirred as I peered in from the doorway. She brushed her purple hair out of her eyes and smiled at me.

“Hello, my sweet,” she said, her slight accent drawing me in immediately.

After all had showered, dressed and breakfasted, Lars and Asha went their separate ways. I chuckled to realize that this morning was the first time I’d seen any of my new friends dressed. What an odd meeting! Asha kissed my cheek and Lars hugged me, grabbing a palmful of my naked butt as if it were simply his way of hugging.

“I look forward to seeing more of you,” Lars said, waggling his eyebrows.

I laughed. “I’m not sure how much more of me there is to see,” I said and waved them off.

I’d asked Avril to stay behind.

“Elie asked me to do a few things today,” I said. “And I need your help. If you can spare some time.”

I told her the tasks I’d been assigned. Avril glowed.

“I’m pleased we get to spend more time together,” Avril said. “I have a client this afternoon, but the whole morning is free. Are you nervous about what Elie has asked you to do?”

“Yes, but excited too,” I said. “I like playing the game. There’s only one problem: I have no money with me.”

Avril smiled. “Oh, I have you covered.”

“I will pay you back,” I promised.

“Yes, you will,” Avril said.

Leaving the shelter of the apartment with no clothes on was very exciting. My heart raced and my mouth was dry. I recognized that feeling so well from the naked games I would play in the woods back home, only this was far more intense. In my games, there was only the possibility of being seen. Today there was a certainty.

The street we were on was bathed in sunlight. It was narrow and cobble-stoned, with a view of the glistening sea behind. I could taste the sea air. The street was quiet, but there were two old men sitting at the corner, smoking. Their skin was dark and wrinkled, and they stared at my nubile body with beady old-man eyes as we passed. They never smiled, as if it would be impolite, but they had no problem leering. My nipples hardened under their gaze.

Avril stopped me in front of them.

“Gentlemen, may I present Tara? Isn’t she a beauty?” she said in Spanish, my own comprehension racing to keep up. Avril translated when I struggled.

One of the old men cracked a toothless grin. “An angel! A goddess!”

“Where are her clothes?” the other old man asked.

“Why, I thought she was more lovely in the nude. Are you complaining, sir?”

“Ah, no, no. I haven’t seen a young woman like that in fifty years. Not since my wife was young, may God rest her soul.” He crossed himself.

“More lovely than heaven itself. Her tits are like… Ripe peaches.”

“Better than peaches,” the other old man said. “Look at how hard her nipples are!” His tongue flicked his cigarette-chapped lips.

“Give these gentlemen a twirl, Tara.”

I slowly rotated so that they could get a good view of me fore and aft. There was much commenting on my ass, which both men seemed very much to like. Meanwhile I was stewing in a brew of embarrassment and heady arousal. A flush covered my breasts, crept up my neck, and colored my cheeks with heat. My heart pounded at being on display. It was uncomfortable and also extremely liberating.

“Maybe she can do a little dance?” one old man asked.

Avril nodded. Ah, hell. I wasn’t much of a dancer. I did my best impression of a woman dancing awkwardly for horny old men. They laughed and clapped and seemed delighted.

“If I were young again…” he said. I heard sadness in his voice as he was reminded of his proximity to the grave. “You have made an old man happy.”

Avril bid them politely farewell. They waved and blew kisses as they watched me walk away, beady eyes watching the swaying of my hips wistfully.

She led me down several side avenues to a lane packed with colorful shops and eateries. The village was a popular spot for tourists in the summer (here for the luxurious sand and sea) and this street was bustling. All of my senses were heightened: I heard German, Italian, British English, a whole mix of accents and tongues; I smelled sweet and savory aromas, the smell of rich bread and coffee, the tang of expensive perfume; I felt a hot Spanish breeze whispering through my pubes, tickling my hard nipples, sending goosebumps over my bare skin; I tasted the metallic zing of my own arousal on my tongue; I saw men and women from all over the world, and I watched their heads turn, their eyes locking on the naked woman. Me.

Laughter. Pointing. Confused looks. I stood frozen by the attention, my heart racing a mile a minute. Phones were pulled from back pockets or expensive handbags. Suddenly I was at the center of every lens on the street. I had a moment of empathy for celebrities and their omnipresent papprazzi. I felt like my arousal must be so obvious: flushed breast, hard nipples, even the wetness of my pussy seemed like it must be obvious to them. They took picture after picture of my bare body.

Avril took my hand and kindly led me down the street. I attracted a circle of onlookers, most of them men. Some of the tourists shrugged and went on their way, but others started following us. Apparently, seeing a naked woman on a busy street was a bit unusual and they wanted to see where this show would end up. Avril very graciously greeted people and answered questions from curious onlookers.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking her for a walk.”

“Is this for a TV show?”

“No, think of this as an art project.”

Many men whistled, or catcalled. A group of young men followed us making all kinds of offers of sex. I was amused by the men who had a woman on their arms, who had the audacity to catcall despite their wife or girlfriend. The attention was both arousing and uncomfortable, but I felt a sense of power over those men. Like the Pied Piper I was leading all the rats out of Dublin Town.

Avril stopped into a bakery. The boy behind the counter (a handsome young man with sensitive eyes) tried very hard not to stare at my tits, but I caught his many hasty glances. He blushed sweetly and I found myself a little bit in love with him. Avril noticed, too.

“It’s okay to look,” she said to him. “She’s naked so that everyone can get a good look at her.”

He grinned and nodded, and took a good hard look at my breasts, my stomach, my bush. But he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I wondered if he’d ever seen a naked woman in the flesh. I might be his first. The thought made my pussy twitch.

Avril chose a little round table on the sidewalk so we could be as fully visible to passing tourists as possible. The metal mesh of the seat was cold and uncomfortable on my pussy, and my pubes kept getting caught, pulling my skin uncomfortably if I moved. So I sat very still. A ring of admirers gathered around us, snapping photos and video. I was too aroused and agitated to focus. I sipped espresso and nibbled nervously at the pastry Avril had bought.

“How are you, dearest?” Avril said.

“It’s a lot of attention,” I said. I realized my armpits were sweaty.

“This is great training for you,” Avril said. “You’re naked and lots of people are staring, but you haven’t melted or burst into flame.”

I gulped. I was so aware. It wasn’t too late for the melting or flame-bursting to begin.

“Are you turned on?” Avril said.

“Oh yeah,” I said, pinching my thighs around my sex, trying to dull the buzz I felt.

“Why don’t you tell your fans how you feel?”

I glanced at the ring of people, mostly men. “Oh, fuck,” I whispered. That made me feel absolutely dizzy.

“Go ahead. Stand up, tell them how you feel.”

I stood. My thighs trembled, my upper thigh damp from my pussy. My nipples were hard as rocks.

“Stand tall, say it loud,” Avril said. “Tell them how you feel.”

I cleared my throat. My voice felt weak. “I’m…” Oh, God. My cheeks blazed. “I am so turned on right now.”

The men laughed, some clapped. Calls of “I bet you are”, “I’ve got what you need, just bend over,” and “Give us a show, darling” were drowned out by my pulse in my ears. And my pussy. Oh, God, horniness and nerves made it hard to think straight.

I sat back down. Avril grinned. “You’re doing great!”

I let out a crooked grin. “This is kinda fun.”

“Of course it is,” she said.

3 thoughts on “On the Beach, Part 10

    1. Your appreciation means so much!

      This story has been so tough for me. I never meant for it to meander so far from the original tryst-on-a-beach (now more of a novella and still evolving) but I think it’s going somewhere again. We’ll see what you think of the next few chapters…

      Thank you, as always.


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