Consolation Prize

Here’s an old story I’ve pulled out of my archives. Honestly, I’m not really sure what I was thinking with this one, but here it is for your amusement. I started a new category for it: Bad Erotica for Good People. Enjoy, I guess…

I’ve got a thing for being watched and tonight it’s going to happen.

My husband’s good friend Adrian was spending his Saturday evening with us. He’d just split up with his wife (she cheated on him with a mutual friend) and he was heartbroken. My husband, Dan, invited him over to watch man movies, drink beer, and forget the bitch.

I came downstairs into the den with a tray of snacks and found that the guys were watching porn. It wasn’t hardcore, it was Playboy stuff, but I was a little miffed that they were watching a bunch of nubile women flouncing their wares. I’m not the kind of wife that approves of porn, and I’d made that pretty clear to Dan, but tonight he didn’t seem to care. He looked at me helplessly and shrugged.

“It’s for Adrian,” he said.

The guys were already a little drunk. I guess it was all for a good cause.

I felt really fucking bad for Adrian. We’d known the couple well. Lisa, his wife, was extremely fit and athletic, and Dan and I both thought she was really hot. I asked my husband if he’d bone her and he emphatically nodded. I punched him in the arm. I couldn’t really blame him, though. I would have sucked whip cream off Lisa’s entire lean body, so I’m no better.

The way Adrian told the story, he came home from work in the early afternoon with a headache. He heard a tell-tale creaking noise coming from the bedroom. At first he thought Lisa was getting herself off, but when he opened the bedroom door he found two guys on his wife, one taking her from behind and one with his cock in her mouth.

“They were bodybuilders, too,” Adrian moaned as he told the story. “It was like walking in on the Mr. Universe porn set.”

I just felt terrible for him and I wanted to do something to help.

I looked at the big flat screen. A Playboy model turned around and waved her bubble butt sensuously in the camera. I frowned.

“What else can we do for Adrian that will make him feel better?” I ask in a pointed tone.

Adrian answered me sincerely. “You know what I’d really like?” he said. “I want you guys to let me watch you have sex.”

Definitely drunk. I smiled.

“Whoa,” Dan said, blushing. I thought it was cute when he blushed. “Whoa, buddy. That’s… uh, over the line. That’s my wife.”

“Sorry,” Adrian said. He glanced at me.

“You really want to see that?” I asked him.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “That would be hot.”

“You want to watch him get on me?” I pointed at my husband. “Maybe you think we’re better at sex than we are.”

“I guess I’ve just imagined it so much that I want to see it,” he said.

“You think about us having sex?” I said, surprised.

“All the time.”

I frowned.

“All right,” I said. “I can be down with that.”

“What?” both men said in unison.

“Let’s do it. Better than letting you guys watch Playboy TV all day.”

“Excuse me just a second,” my husband said. Dan pulled me upstairs. “Are you crazy?” he said.

“Why not?” I said.

“Because you’re my wife?” Dan said. “Liz, do you really want him to watch us?”

I shrugged. “Yeah,” I said. “It kinda turns me on.”

Dan looked at me with a whole new respect. “Seriously.”

“Yeah,” I said again. “Why not? It sounds fun. What’s gonna happen?”

Dan was silent. I noticed the bulge in his jeans.

“Is that from the Playboy, or are you excited, too?”

“Shit,” Dan said. “Okay, what the hell?”

I smiled. Shit just got real.

“You still want to watch us fuck?” I called to Adrian.

“Yeah?” Adrian said.

“Turn that shit off and meet us in the bedroom.”

It’s a few minutes later. I’m naked and so is Dan. We have the light on in our bedroom but it’s set to a soft glow. Adrian doesn’t really look at Dan but his eyes are all over me. I like it. I’ve always had a little crush on Adrian, and I’m vain about my body. It feels good to flaunt it in front of him.

“You’re hot,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say, doing a naked curtsey just to be funny.

Dan starts kissing me a little awkwardly. He palms my breast and I reach for his cock. He stiffens in my hand. I like it. His dick is long and eager and I love how hard the shaft is but how velvety soft the skin is. I guess that probably describes any guy’s dick, but I like my husband so we’ll pretend his cock is special.

“Touch her,” Adrian coaxes.

Dan glances at his friend.

“No backseat driving,” he says, but his hand drifts between my legs.

He runs his finger between my folds. I sigh. It feels nice, but what is especially hot are Adrian’s eyes on me while I make out with my husband. I’m hot and wet from that alone!

We curl up on the bed, kissing and touching each other. Dan’s lips meander down my neck and to my breast. He suckles my nipple until it’s hard and then moves to the other one. I arch my back and watch the look on Adrian’s face. I spread my legs wide so that he gets a good look at my pussy, glistening with desire. Dan doesn’t notice but I smile at his best friend, who gives me a thumb’s up at the sight of my snatch.

I’m proud of myself for being so daring.

Dan blocks Adrian’s view of my pussy by pushing his fingers up inside and covering my mound with his palm. He follows it up with an encore of two and then three fingers. I stretch. Dan’s never put three fingers in my pussy, so I figure he’s showing off for Adrian. I guess boys will be boys.

“Eat her out,” Adrian says. Dan shoots him a look.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a caring lover. He always makes sure that I come, usually more than once. I’ve got no complaints. Despite this, he’s not much for cunnilingus. He’ll do it, but I can tell he does it only because he doesn’t want a divorce. I don’t care. I still make him go down on me, and I keep him down there as long as I can.

With Adrian watching, suddenly he’s a pussy pro! He practically dives between my thighs and he’s almost too eager to feast on my sloppy bits. Dan’s slurping on my folds and lapping at me with his tongue. It feels amazing and ridiculous at the same time.

“Aren’t you industrious tonight,” I tell him, grabbing him by the hair and guiding his face.

He just gives me a wicked look over my own mound and says nothing (since his mouth is busy between my thighs).

He sucks my clit between his lips and I cry out and laugh. He devours me. He sticks his tongue inside of me (which is interesting, but not really my thing). He’s never made any of these moves before, and I’m stuck somewhere between loving it and feeling super irritated that he hasn’t been doing his best between my legs before tonight.

But I’m not complaining. Dan doubles down on my clit, sucking it into his mouth and rolling it with his tongue. I’m gushing. I moan. I glance at Adrian and he looks horny as hell. My clit is throbbing and I’m going to come. I press Dan’s face to my pussy, but my eyes lock with Adrian’s. I cry out, pleasure spilling through me as I come, and I keep my gaze on Adrian’s face the whole shuddering time.

Hottest orgasm ever.

Dan springs up as soon as my orgasm has passed, as if my pussy might somehow try to suction onto his face like some kind of pink alien. He wipes his chin on the sheets.

Adrian looks pretty hot and bothered.

“Do you guys mind if I — uh — get more comfortable?” Adrian says, pointing to his fly.

“Take it out,” I say. “I want to see it.”

Dan gives me a quizzical look. I shrug.

“He’s getting a good look at all of my parts, it may as well be fair,” I say.

“You’re going to jerk off?” Dan says.

“Um, I guess, yeah?” Adrian says, unbuttoning his jeans. “If that’s okay.”

“Yes, it’s okay,” I say breathlessly. I just want to see his hard penis, to see him stroke it.

Dan gives up and decides he’s too horny to care. He leaps between my legs. His long cock bounces as he positions himself to fuck. I spread my thighs and put my hands behind my head. I glance at Adrian. He’s unzipped and pulled his pants down. He’s sitting in the chair with his dick out, stroking himself. He’s got a long, mean-looking cock. I want to take a minute to watch him but then Dan sticks his cock into my pussy.

Wow, he’s looking for stud-of-the-night, I think. He thrusts into me hard. I moan. He feels amazing inside. Every stroke, every thrust, feels super. I’ve had sex umpteen times with my husband and it’s usually quite nice, but tonight I’m really worked up and it’s not because of him. Having Adrian watching him thrusting into my pussy makes the sex feel amazing.

Dan plows me. He’s usually pretty gentle, but tonight he’s fucking me like a jock. He slaps his hips against me and I start crying out, bouncing against his thighs. Most nights I would describe our sex as lovemaking but tonight he’s banging me — no-holds barred, aggressive, banging. My pussy slurps and sucks around his cock as he fucks me. His thrusts stir me to the core. I think I’m going to come again, another thing that doesn’t usually happen.

Dan’s face is bright red. The veins strain on his neck. I put my hands against his chest to feel the flex of his muscles as he fucks me, but also to hold him back a little. He’s spread my thighs brutally and he’s really letting me have it. I love rough sex and I’m a little scared he might hurt me.

I glance at Adrian. His face is red. He’s flogging his cock in his fist. The head is bright purple and it looks like he’s choking it. My throat is tight and I start to tremble.

“Fuck me, don’t stop!” I scream at Dan while my eyes are glued to Adrian’s dick.

Adrian comes, his jizz flying into the air and splattering on his hand. That’s it for me, my pussy clenches around Dan’s cock and I’m screaming like a banshee. The sound of my pleasure sends Dan over the edge and he spills his cum inside of me, thrusting over and over to my core until he’s empty.

After we’ve all cleaned up, I join the guys in their man cave. Adrian keeps glancing at me and looking away again. Dan seems super proud of himself, and I’m just glowing with how sexy I feel. We wind up watching Playboy after all, and I no longer feel that edge of jealousy toward those gals. After what I did tonight, I feel like the vixen of the year.

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