Erotica Post Roundup Feb. 20, 2017

I actually posted some stories last week! In case you missed them, here’s a quick recap:

  • Monkey Mind (Meditation, masturbation, and an elusive orgasm)
  • Show Me (A naughty game of show-the-butthole in a grocery store)
  • College Try (Watching porn is a prelude to a threesome)
  • Consolation Prize (Cheering up a friend by letting him watch her have sex)

I also revived a long-abandoned story called On the Beach, which started as a request from my writing buddy Besos de Cuero and subsequently took on a life of its own. You can start from the beginning if you’re interested:

Or pick up with the latest episodes:

Chapters eleven and twelve are coming up soon, as well as some other short stories that I dragged out of the vault.

I also wrote a non-erotic post about the Metropolitan Museum as a source for public domain artwork — great for bloggers!

Finally, you can find a nice list of the erotic stories that I’ve posted on this blog, if you want more (ahem) reading material. Thanks for spending time with my writing (as well as all of the great feedback) and keep those kitten purring!


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