On the Beach, Part 12

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After the unexpected tryst with Chuck and Bridget we went shopping. Avril led me from one quaint shop to the next and I attracted attention everywhere I went. I was learning that if a woman wants to feel like a sex-goddess, all she needs to do is to do everything completely naked.

I chose a few dresses that I especially liked, a new bikini, and a few more casual outfits. I protested at the price tags but Avril continue to urge me to buy. Lingerie, sexy jeans, tops and sandals — the whole nine. I felt spoiled, and guilty.

“It’s too much,” I said.

“No, revel in this moment. You are becoming a new Tara, you can at least have some new clothes.”

The irony that I was shopping entirely naked wasn’t lost on me. I carried shopping bags with cute outfits but I was bare from tit to toe. The shop girls definitely gave me the eye, giggling and whispering behind their hands.

“Is this a feminist statement?” one young woman asked me.

“More like an art project,” I said, using Avril’s line from earlier.

“Don’t you feel unsafe?” another woman asked while I was checking out.

“Yes, rather,” I said.

Literally every man I’d passed today probably wanted to fuck me, and some of them were not good men.

“You’re very brave,” she said, ringing up a flimsy top that cost more than it should but was cute as sin. “I worry when my skirt’s too short, but here you are completely naked. Like it’s no big deal.”

On our way home I commented to Avril on the experience. I was getting used to the nudity, the feeling exposed, the stares and the snapshots.

“I didn’t expect to meet so many people this way,” I said.

Avril nodded. “Clothing is a barrier against the world. It quite literally is, if you think about it. By going naked you’ve opened yourself to them. Nudity is the state you’re in during the intimate moments, when the walls come down. It encourages others to join your intimacy, in good and bad ways.”

I thought of Chuck and Bridget, strangers who had shared a sexual moment with me. They would never have given me a second look if I hadn’t been nude. The comments, lewd and thoughtful, were only directed to me because I’d bared myself, let myself be vulnerable to them.

“Yes,” Avril said, smiling as we climbed the steps to the flat. “You’re learning very quickly.”

“Also, thank you so much for buying all of the things. I will pay you back soon.”

“No, these things were to help you feel beautiful, and I don’t want money in return. But they’re not gifts, per se. You will earn these privileges.”

We had lunch on the balcony with a view of the sea. I didn’t bother to dress, and Avril joined me by taking off her clothes as well. She was really something: curvy and magnificent. We ate, talked, and the afternoon drew on.

“It’s time for my client,” she said.

I’d forgotten that Avril gave blowjobs to an exclusive list of men in exchange for money. She hugged me, and kissed me tenderly on the cheek. Then she tweaked a nipple, making me yip.

“Dear Tara, you were splendid this morning, and I’m very turned on by you right now. So brave, so bright. You’re a perfect student. If it weren’t for the no-orgasm rule I’d eat your pussy for days on end.”

In my hyper-aroused state, her words made me heady. “I’d like that,” I said, thrumming. “But there’s no rule against me giving you an orgasm, is there?”

Avril laughed, genuinely amused. “There is not such a rule.”

“Well, spread those thighs, pretty lady,” I said, getting down on my knees on the rough tiles.

“Mmm, I would love to, but I’m running short on time.”

“Oh. Shit. I’ll make it quick.”

“Tara, I’m not sure I have time…”

“Five minutes, I swear it,” I said, urging her to sit back down.

“You’re very bossy for someone who claims not to be sexually aggressive,” she said as I parted her thighs and dove in.

To be honest, I’d never gone down on a woman before, but I felt confident that I knew the territory well enough I could get her off. Her pussy was lush, her labia fat and succulent, her scent rich and earthy. I started at her root, my tongue dipping into her well, gathering her syrup. Avril grabbed hold of my head and pulled me against her cunt, sighing. I flicked and rolled my tongue over her clitoris, suckling it gently. She squirmed. I pushed two fingers into her, fingers and tongue working together in wet harmony.

“Oh, Tara, that’s wonderful,” she moaned. “But I don’t have time.”

“Please, Avril,” I begged. “I can do this.”

“If you want me to come quickly, it’s not going to be like this,” she said.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the couch, practically tossing me down and clambering on top of me. In a moment she straddled my face and pressed her cunt down, smothering me. I was drowning in her juices. My tongue, my lips seemed almost useless as she ground her hips down. She literally fucked my face, using me for friction, drenching me in her juices. I stared up her front, watched her breasts sway and her eyes pinch shut in sheer concentration on her own pleasure. I could barely breathe. I did my best to kiss her, lap at her cunt, but I felt my ministrations were secondary. Avril knew what she needed, and she was taking it the way she wanted it.

I was helpless and dizzy as she ground down on me. Everything once again melted into cunt, except this time it was hers: in my mouth, over my nose, smothering me, fucking me. It reminded me of drowning. I was helpless pinned between Avril’s hips.

She grabbed my hair, and pressed her hips down harder. She ground her pubes on me, finding friction on my chin and against my nose. I moaned, uncomfortable but wanting her to finish. Avril crumbled with a cry. She started shaking, and moaning, and she kept grinding, and then… I felt her pussy. I felt it twitching against my lips, my tongue. I’d never known another woman’s orgasm. I felt so in sync with her that I could almost feel her contractions in my own body.

Avril lay gasping for minutes, and then climbed off of my face.

I smiled. I glistened with her. “Well, that just happened,” I said.

“I’m sorry, Tara,” Avril said, hastening to the bathroom. “I’m already late and I had to use you a bit to get myself off.”

“That’s what I wanted,” I said.

“I can get a bit rough,” she shouted from the bathroom.

“I’m not complaining,” I said.

“You can eat me out properly when I have more time, and I’ll return the favor,” she said.

“I’ll put it on the calendar.”

Dressed and prettied up, Avril kissed my forehead on the way out.

“Thanks for the orgasm, Tara. You’re a good sport.”

And she was out the door.

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