Erotica Post Roundup Feb. 4, 2018

License CC0, Sarah Richter, Pixabay

Hiya, ladies and gentlemen! Are your bits tingling?

This is your periodic, friendly recap of my recent posts. WordPress is wonderful, but if you’re like me, it’s easy to miss new posts in the Reader. Who knows? Maybe some of the stuff below will entertain or excite you?

I write erotica for selfish reasons. I sit at my computer and submerge myself in my stories. I love to imagine what the sensations feel like, the ones I’ve experienced and those I’ve only daydreamed about. I touch myself while I’m writing, edging for days until I’m just a bundle of ache. I feel slightly depressed when I post a story. I live for the anticipation and not the culmination. Orgasms are sparkling and wonderful, but it’s the ache that keeps me alive.

I share the stories because it excites me to think that my words penetrate your imagination, too.

On the Beach

Good sweet Jesus this story just won’t quit. It started as a request/prompt from Besos de Quero (a favorite sexy friend of mine). I meant it to be just a single story, and it sort of spun out of control. Tara is saved from drowning in the ocean by a sexy lifeguard. Her attempt to thank him draws her into his world of sexual exploration and obedience. What will she learn about herself?

If you want to read it from the beginning:

On the Beach, Part 1

I’ve recently posted two new episodes in this saga, and they’re here:

On the Beach, Part 13
On the Beach, Part 14



Short bits of sex, perfect for a quick read…



I also publish some stories on Wattpad, most especially a series about a young woman enslaved by Vikings. It’s not quite a romance but leans in that direction. Elsbeth is abducted from her English village by Rune, the stunningly handsome and equally dangerous Norse raider. When all her pride is stripped away, will she find the true meaning of pleasure — or will she be used for her body and cast aside when Rune tires of her?

This is a long story (47 parts) and still in progress.

Viking Summer
Winter Heart 

Some Older Erotica

Here are a few stories that you might enjoy from way back…

Until next time, may your pussy or prick always be tingling.


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