California Fantasy #2

This is the second version of my California fantasy.

I’m visiting friends in California. Kristina has been a good friend of mine since high school. Brian is her husband, and I’m very attracted to him. She’s sharp and bold and a bit brazen.

The two of us have always been really open about sex. After a little wine, I tell her more than maybe I should. She persuades Brian to undress down to his boxer briefs to give me a show. He looks amazing. His cock is nice and full in those briefs. I want to see it, the naked length of him, but for now all I get is that bulge in his underwear. I get hot, wet, and yummy-tickly.

“Do you want to see my husband’s penis?” Kristina says with a wicked grin.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this kind of evening,” I say.

Her smile is luxurious. “I’ve told you before that it turns me on to see him with other women. Why not one of my best friends?”

Brian chimes in. “And I’m an exhibitionist, so I’ve been wanting to let you see me naked since you arrived.”

“I don’t want to mess up the friendship,” I say.

“I don’t see that happening.” Kristina says. “So, will you do us a favor and take a good look at my husband’s cock? Up close and in person?”

“Absolutely,” I say. My voice catches. Damn, I’m hot and struggling to sit still. My heart races.

“Maybe you can give me an honest review,” Brian says, grinning. His eyes sparkle.

What I really want is to get fucked tonight, but who here will take care of me? I remind myself that nudity isn’t a prelude to sex, but I can’t help thinking about it. I wonder what’s about to happen. I wonder if I have the courage to suggest, or even just to hint, that I’m open to more than looking.

“Go ahead, pull it out,” Kristina says to Brian.

Brian does what he’s told, reaches into his briefs, and pulls out his cock. So, there it is, super hard and thick. I’m all gooey and not sure what to do. Am I supposed to stare? Well, it doesn’t matter because I can’t look away. I’m flushed and feeling more than a little embarrassed – or is it just raw arousal? I can’t separate the feelings right now.

“What do you think? Do you like what you see?” Kristina says.

I fumble over all kinds of words like an idiot. Brian just looks amused, big erection jutting from his body. He turns so I can get a good look from the side and then points it straight toward me. He starts slowly stroking his cock, like he just can’t resist. He’s still got his boxer-briefs tucked under his balls. The sight of his bunched underwear especially turns me on.

“What do you want?” Kristina asks me.

I freeze. I want… I want Brian to fuck me. But I’m too scared to tell Kristina.

“Just say it,” she says. “I’m not a prude. Tell me.”

I still can’t find the words.

“Are you horny?” she says, getting exasperated with me.

“Yes,” I say.

“Good, so what do you want?”

I really want to fuck, but I don’t want to suggest it, and I’m not sure I could enjoy fucking Kristina’s husband in front of her. But that’s a lie. I know that I would love it, and I intensely want it to happen. Why can’t I say that to her?

“Maybe, if you don’t mind, I’ll get out of some of these clothes?”

At least that’s a step in the right direction.

“I think that’s a lovely idea,” Kristina says.

Kristina eagerly strips as well. She’s got voluptuous tits and a neatly-trimmed pussy. My own pussy is a bit overgrown, I’ll admit I hadn’t expected any action on this vacation. I’m suddenly self-conscious.

“I don’t shave,” I say.

“Nobody cares,” Kristina says, already naked.

I take off my clothes, too. Kristina and Brian watch me undress, and that’s a little weird because I’m not used to it. But there I am, naked, and wet, and thrumming.

“I’m afraid to sit,” I say.

“It’s fine,” Kristina says.

“But I’m wet.”

“So am I,” she says, winking.

So now what?

Brian’s still standing there with his erection pointed at me, waiting for the girls to figure out what we’re doing. His tip is dewy, and I have an intense urge to lick it.

So, what are we doing?

“Do you want Brian to fuck you?” Kristina asks, reading my mind.

My heart skips. “I think it might be weird.”

She laughs. “I think it would be weird if we got to this point and he didn’t fuck you.”

“Wouldn’t that make you insanely jealous?” I say.

“In a good way,” Kristina says. “I think you should fuck him. I think you’d enjoy it. Do you want to try?”

I say yes.

“Do you mind if I warm him up first?” Kristina says.

Of course, yes, he’s your husband not mine, do whatever you want.

Kristina sucks his cock for a few minutes before we get started. I watch his tip disappearing between her lips, arousal burrowing deep between my hips. Kristina’s good at mouth work, I can tell from the expressions on his face.

“Want some?” Kristina wipes her chin on her arm and points his slick cock toward me, like she’s offering me an ice cream cone.

I take a deep breath. I’ll give it a go. I’ve given a million blowjobs, why am I so nervous? I go down on him. He’s a nice size. Big but not too much. Slick and juicy. He moans as I take him deeper, which makes me crazy. It’s the best part of blowjobs for me, making a man moan.

“Can we sixty-nine for a minute?” Brian says, looking to Kristina for permission. She nods.

He jumps on the couch and I climb on top, hips straddling him. Kristina sits on the end of the couch and holds his cock while I suck him, stroking when I need a breath. Brian kisses and licks at my pussy. Honestly, he’s not the best oral I’ve had, but it still feels great. And I’m extra excited to get eaten out by my friend’s husband. It feels especially naughty, it’s something I shouldn’t be doing. If this had been an ordinary visit I wouldn’t have so much as seen his cock, much less wrapped my lips around him and felt him bulging toward my throat.

I’m overheating, my hips grinding on his lips. The more I slurp at his erection, the more fervently he tends to my pussy. Soon, I’m building toward a climax. It would be simple to have an orgasm, but I’m not ready. I want him inside me before I come. I want to feel myself clench around him.

“I need it soon,” I gasp, a slippery bead of lust between my lower lip and the tip of his cock. Brian groans and untangles.

I lean back in the couch. He lifts me by my thighs, his cock pressed against my pussy. I’m wet, ready, eager.

“Do we need a condom?” he says. I think this is sweet, since I wasn’t going to mention it and I was just planning to pretend I forgot.

“No,” I say. “Unless Kristina wants one?”

She shakes her head. “I want you to get your juices all over him, and then he can fill you up with cum,” she says. Wow, that turns me on!

He pushes in. I’m an easy slide, that’s what kids will do, but judging by his expression I don’t think he minds as my wet cunt surrounds him. He feels great to me, he’s just the right size. Filling, just on the upper edge of comfortable.

Brian teases my nipples and buries himself, and that’s enough to make me moan.

I’m quiet. It’s like having sex again for the first time. Sexual stage fright. I’m embarrassed of my own moans, by the imperfections in my body, by the wet noises my cunt makes as he thrusts.

Kristina is right next to us, watching her husband fuck me. He goes faster, watching her while she watches me. Her expression is priceless: enthralled, aroused, and hungry. It’s clear they’re turning each other on. I’m hot, too, but even though I’m the one getting pounded I feel a little left out. There’s an electricity coursing between Brian and Kristina, like somehow by fucking me he’s actually fucking her.

Brian stiffens and comes, slapping his cock inside. I smile, watching his face twist with pleasure. He pulls out and Kristina starts sucking his cock, slurping my juices right off him.

That does it for me. I put my fingers between my legs and watch her suckle on his wilting, messy cock, flogging myself. My cunt is messy with his cum and my desire. I watch his penis get smaller in her mouth, floppy, and she can easily swallow all of it. The sight of her suckling on his flaccid penis makes me come like crazy, finally letting out some sharp cries of pleasure.

After we towel off, Kristina gets us all ice cream. We stay nude for the rest of the night, but it’s a friendly nudity, not sexual anymore. We play a game and hang out, and the next day I’m on the plane back to Minnesota.

3 thoughts on “California Fantasy #2

  1. Initially I was liking version 1 more as it has more of a D/s feel but as this went along, it got more and more interesting. Looking forward to CA Fantasy #3 😉

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