This was an old story I wrote in 2011 or so and published in a collection called Deep Pink. I put a fresh coat of paint on it and I think it still has some life left in it.

Adapted from image by inna mikitas from Pixabay

Meghan walked downstairs. She flipped on the light to the basement stairway. Their basement was small and had a dank smell. Cracked green tiles on the floor, a washer and dryer. Boxes stuffed with the things they didn’t use. She set down the laundry basket on top of the washer and walked into the little side room. It was basically used as a library. Homemade bookshelves stuffed full of warped paperbacks lined the walls. She flipped the light switch, but nothing happened. Damn, the light was out.

She was looking for a cookbook, and she thought she could probably find it without the light on. It was night, but she opened the blinds to let in the little bit of light from the streetlight. Otherwise she’d need to go get a flashlight. Where did they even have a flashlight, she wondered?

Her eyes were drawn to the window of the basement next to them. There was Jason, their neighbor, sitting in his basement office. Calling it an office was being too generous: the room was bare studs and a computer desk and some filing boxes. Hardly an office.

Jason was a pretty attractive guy, at least Meghan had always thought so. She guessed he was about ten years older than her, so maybe in his forties. He had a full head of brown hair and a nice smile. He kept himself in shape. Despite his looks, Jason’s wife had hit the road a few months ago. He still had the house, and Meghan often thought about him rattling around the place. He pulled in after work every day but didn’t seem to be out and about very much anymore. He used to drop by on the weekends for a beer with her and Adam. Not anymore. Staying home licking his wounds, Meghan thought.

Not tonight, though. Jason was sitting in front of his computer, fly open, masturbating. It took Meghan completely off guard to see him like this: dressed for the office but cock in hand. A wave of desire hit her in the gut as she watched him. She got wet and felt a flush hit her cheeks.

She was fascinated to capture him in this moment of private lust. Clearly he hadn’t considered that he could be seen. He was stroking his dick with one hand, kicked back in his office chair, a bottle of lotion on the desk next to him. Meghan ducked against the window sill just in case he might catch her shadow in the window. But his eyes were fixated on the computer screen, his face bathed in blue light, clearly watching porn. She felt sad for him. He probably wanted to fuck a woman. Had he gotten any since his wife ran off? 

Meghan couldn’t look away. She soaked in the fixation in his eyes, the way he teased his lip, the uneven rhythm of his strokes as he pleasured himself. She gazed at his cock, his hand slipping smoothly over its length, then he gripped the purple head in his palm and almost kneaded it. His expression fazed from lazy to pained as he watched the screen and manhandled himself.

Meghan’s lips parted with his. She leaned closer to the glass. One hand found the warm crotch of her jeans and squeezed. Then she popped the button and eased the zipper enough to allow her hand into her pants. She slipped into her panties, through the fur, her finger seeking the warm, wet folds of flesh. She let out a slight noise as her finger found her tingling nub. She was wet already from watching Jason.

She slid her fingers between her slick lips, penetrating herself with her middle finger, pushing her hips out and back to find just the right pressure for her clitoris. She rubbed herself lightly but so fast, eyes glued to Jason’s cock, her clitoris tingling and aching. She could feel her pulse between her legs. Her breath quickened.

Jason had settled into a steady rhythm. He leaned back and put one leg up on the desk. He was easing in for a good, lazy jerk. She slowed her own motions to match him, wanting to wait to bring herself to climax until she saw him shoot his wad. Thinking about it made her gut tighten and lips part. She circled her nub and gasped at the warmth building there.

Then Meghan jumped. She heard a foot scrape behind her. Adam. She pulled her hand out of her pants, but it was far too late to hide what she’d been doing.

He was right behind her. She could feel his warmth and hear his breathing. She flushed, feeling her face burning. Right through the window, clear as day, Jason was masturbating. Adam saw. He knew. He understood.

He took her wrist and pulled her hand up to his lips, sniffing her middle finger, breathing in the scent of her sex. She tried to turn, to face him, to gather the will to excuse and explain. He took her finger between his lips and sucked it. She trembled and melted.

Adam wrapped his arms around her middle and turned her so that she was standing right in front of the window. She could feel the bulge of his erection against her ass. Then his fingers teased her jeans off her hips. A moment later, her panties joined them on the concrete floor. The cold air of the basement flirted with her naked legs.

He pulled her light sweater over her head. She didn’t resist being stripped, although she was afraid the motion might alert the man next door. Or maybe that’s what she wanted; she didn’t know anymore. Jason worked his slick cock, Meghan stared, and Adam unsnapped her bra. Her nipples tightened against the cold. Even though it was dark in the room, she felt completely exposed standing bare breasted in the window.

Adam unbuckled and unzipped behind her, his belt buckle clattering as he released himself. Goosebumps rippled along her flesh. Jason reached for the lotion and squirted more on his palm, then smeared it on his erection. Meghan wished that she could touch him, that it was her lubed palm sliding up and down his shaft. Adam was right behind her, breathing quickly, and she pushed her ass out to give him access.

Adam’s familiar short, thick cock nudged at her wetness. She braced her hands on the windowsill, inhaling sharply as he found the spot and pushed into it. He was thick and she loved the feeling as he stretched her. Not pain exactly, but an exquisite pinch as he filled her. She could feel his cockhead like a ring of heat. She pushed her hips against him, gasping, as he buried all of himself into her. She sighed and watched Jason through the window. Oblivious to the fornication happening in the window next to him he was still stroking himself, eyes glued to the computer, concentrating.

Meghan imagined being the object of his lust instead of the porn. She would lie down on his computer desk, kicking the keyboard to the floor, and spreading her glistening pink for him. He would stand over her, rubbing and grunting, and she would urge him on until he spilled across her belly. She gasped at the thought as she watched Jason’s reddening face, feeling her own husband’s cock filling her.

Adam fucked her more vigorously, pushing her up against the windowsill. His thick cock opened her. He reached around to the curls between her legs with a big hand, exploring until she found wet flesh and her bead of pleasure. She spread her legs to make it easier for him. His middle finger rubbed round and round in tingling, torturous circles.

Meghan moaned as he rubbed her in time to his strokes.

She imagined Adam behind her, fucking her doggystyle while Jason was in front of her, cock dripping with lust, feeding his pipe to her. She would gag, but want more, loving the thrill of being un-gently used from both ends.

Her breasts bounced as Adam found his rhythm. He breathed heavily in her ear, but her eyes were fixed on Jason. The neighbor pumped his slippery cock with abandon. He was getting close; she saw the undeniable urgent look on his face. She pushed her ass against her husband, pushing him further into her pussy, rubbing her wet all over him. She heard him groan as she rolled her hips, milking his cock with her pussy. He stopped thrusting for a moment to let her pleasure him, but his finger rubbed her clit erratically. Heat and tingling filling her loins.

She sucked air. He grabbed her hips with both hands and started to fuck her urgently. She knew her husband well enough to know that he was close, just like Jason. She put her hand between her thighs and started rubbing her own gushing self. His balls slapped her ass. She whimpered and moaned at his thrusts, braced one hand on the windowsill to steady herself while jilling off with the other.

She let out a strangled little sound as an ecstatic look crossed Jason’s face and arcs of cum spurted across his belly. The sight of his climax sent Meghan over the edge, and spasms of pleasure filled her. She clamped her thighs together and buckled, riding the intense waves, biting her lip to keep from screaming. Adam wasn’t far behind her and he thrust deeply and spilled himself into her trembling pussy.

Meghan panted with arm pressed against the window. She was sweating and shaking. She felt lightheaded.

Jason rose, still unaware of them. He cleaned up with a tissue and left the room. Adam slipped his fat cock out of her and wrapped his arms around her nakedness. He kissed her neck from behind, his shrinking erection wet against her thigh.

“I just came down here to start a load of laundry and grab a cookbook,” she whispered.

He grinned into her hair. “Do you like watching men jerk off?”

She blushed. “I don’t know. Maybe?” She paused, wanting to be honest. “Yes, I do.”

“Well,” Adam said softly. “I wish you’d told me this sooner.”

Meghan smiled privately as she got dressed, found the cookbook she was looking for, and started a load of laundry.

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