God Made Sex

Photo credit Masha Raymers @ Pexels If you believe in God – a big if – then you must believe that God made sex. How could it be otherwise? God made the trees and the birds and the bees, and you and me. Then it must be true that God made all my parts, and … Continue reading God Made Sex

I Get Wet

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay I get wet when I write. Hours pass like minutes as I imagine my characters knowing one another. She sucks him, he fucks her. The details are all-important, like heady brain-perfume, and the seduction is never complete. For hours, days, weeks maybe, I get wet. Embarrassingly wet, ready-to-be-plumbed wet, so … Continue reading I Get Wet


I could sit watching him wank forever – as he lies on one sofa, injured hand trying to wring an impossible orgasm out of his twitching, eager cock. A brief recap of where we left off on Wednesday: I’m sitting wanking on one sofa in the living room, my partner is wanking on the other, but his hand is injured so he can’t get the grip required to come. The sight of him frustratedly rubbing at his cock is so hot I came too quickly, but I’m stroking my clit and hoping for more because I just love watching him like this…

Naked in the Woods

This is a fun erotic story about being naked. Molly finds excuses to take off her clothes, enjoying the thrill of baring herself in unexpected places. She makes a game of it, risking being seen while punishing herself sexually if she chickens out. She undertakes her most daring challenge on a forest path, where she undresses gradually and dares herself to keep going further. Will she make it to the end of the trail and back again without getting caught, or will her walk in the woods have unexpected and erotic consequences?