Naked in the Woods

This is a fun erotic story about being naked. Molly finds excuses to take off her clothes, enjoying the thrill of baring herself in unexpected places. She makes a game of it, risking being seen while punishing herself sexually if she chickens out. She undertakes her most daring challenge on a forest path, where she undresses gradually and dares herself to keep going further. Will she make it to the end of the trail and back again without getting caught, or will her walk in the woods have unexpected and erotic consequences?

For Dinner

“I want to suck you,” I say, pulling at the zipper to his jeans. My husband doesn’t argue, helping me tug his pants down. I push him back on the couch. Pale wintry sunlight streams through the window. I slip his underwear off his hips and his cock emerges from hiding, chubby but not yet … Continue reading For Dinner