Shockingly Real

Caution: rape triggers.

The doorbell rings.

“Finally,” I say. I’m exasperated that the repair guy has taken so long to get here.

“Whatever,” he says.

He’s not very nice. I know that from the start. But he’s nice to look at for sure: muscular; silky black hair; angry brown eyes; a tattoo that covers his forearm. His scent is both foreign and familiar, a hint of cloves and the tang of testosterone.

Some men are comfortable, the kind you take to brunch and to visit grandma in the nursing home. As soon as I see him leaning cockily on my doorstep I know that he is not such a man. He is the other sort of man, the sort that eyes a woman like she’s little more than a bit of wet flesh and friction, a masturbation toy with real breasts.

He is a bad man. And as soon as I see him, I know he’s going to fuck me before he leaves. For three heartbeats I leave the screen door closed and stare at him as my heart chugs faster. I shouldn’t let him into my home.

Yet I open the door like a fool. Not because I think the best of him, but because I think the worst. I hope that he will do what his eyes say he’s capable of doing to me.

My better judgment is screaming to get smart. This is a dangerous game with a dangerous man. But my better judgment isn’t winning.

I lead him into my house. I’m home alone, of course. He’s here to repair things. What exactly he repairs varies each time I tell myself this story. Sometimes he’s a plumber, sometimes the cable guy. But he’s strong and primal, and he’s an outsider in my home.

I go about my business while the guy works but I make sure I’m always in his line of sight. I sit on the couch and sort through some bills, sometimes carelessly uncrossing my legs, making sure that he can peek up my skirt (and knowing that he’s paying attention).


After a bit, I up the ante and change into my bikini. He’s kneeling next to the thing he’s fixing and I’m standing over him.

“You’re taking long enough,” I say rudely.

“It takes as long as it takes,” he says.

“I’m going to be sunbathing by the pool,” I say. “Just give a holler when you’re done.”

His eyes drift to my breasts, lingering for a long moment before they slide back to my face.

“You know, this is a nice neighborhood,” he says. “I haven’t been around here before. You stay home?”

“I’m just home for the day,” I say. “So you could come.”

“Yeah, so I could come.”

His eyes plunder my curves shamelessly. I blush.

“Hey, dude,” I say. “I’m up here.”

“I know where you are,” he says and my heart skips two beats. “You got a husband, a boyfriend?”

He’s scoping out my territory, trying to see if I’m easy prey or not.

“My husband isn’t going to be home for hours,” I say.

I walk into his trap with eyes wide open. I know what I’m doing — at least I think I do. Soon, it’s going to be too late to back out of this little game I’m playing.

He nods. “It’s too bad that he lets you out of his sight. I mean, too bad for him.”

“I’m a big girl and can take care of myself,” I say.

A grin curls his cheek. “I’m a big boy, too.”

“I bet you are.”

I sense his aggression, his desire. I can almost smell it.

I wonder how it’s going to happen. He might straight up proposition me, but I think he seems like the predatory type: more of a take first, ask questions later guy. I’m okay with that.


He grunts and goes back to work.

“Just holler when you’re done?” I say for a second time.

He nods. “I’ll be sure you know when I’ve finished,” he says.

The words make me quiver with a perverse glee. Did I just catch a grin twitching at the corner of his mouth? I walk to the pool. The paving stones are hot underfoot, the backyard is like a blast-furnace. I glance back and see him starting at my ass as I walk away. He doesn’t bother to look down.

Oh, he’s going to fuck me. I just don’t know when, or where, or how.





He has a threatening energy, like a Spartan riding an electric panther through a firestorm. His energy scares me but it also turns me on. When he’s close I can sense my proximity to being plundered. He awakens something raw and primal, deep in my abdomen. It’s a feeling that I can’t get (no way, no how) from my husband, as much as I love him.

I bask in the sun for what feels like a long time, periodically glancing to make sure he’s still there. I take a swim to cool down and climb the ladder nearest the living room so I’m sure he gets a good view of me dripping wet.

He’s gone.

Heart racing, I enter the house. Silence. My gut twirls. I can hear my pulse in my head.

Where did he go? I’m terrified. The adrenaline gives me a sick high. I walk the whole house, looking for him. I notice that the front door is ajar and his truck is gone. He’s got to come back, I haven’t signed for the work. I deliberately leave the door open a crack.

I hadn’t expected him to disappear, but if he wants to play this game I’ll play it all the way.

I strip out of my suit and take a quick shower. I’m drying my hair with a towel, totally naked, as I walk into the master bedroom. I fully expected him to be there, waiting for me, maybe already on the bed, but the room is empty.

Maybe he got spooked. A panther like him can sense a trap a mile away.

The door closes behind me. I scream, whipping around.

He looks me up and down, taking in every inch of my naked body. He sizes me up. My cheeks flush.

“Don’t scream again,” he says. “You’re going to keep quiet until this is over.”

I nod.

He unbuckles his belt and unzips his fly. He pulls a good-sized cock out of his pants and approaches me. It’s short but really thick, and it hardens as I watch.

“Get me wet,” he orders me. “Don’t bite.”

He presses his cock-head against my lips. I open for him and he thrusts into my mouth. He holds my head and I quiver as he pushes to the back of my throat. I cough and he pulls out.

“Spit on it,” he says, and I do. He strokes his hard cock. “Spread your legs.”

I’m on the bed. He pushes me onto my back and parts my thighs. He rubs his cock-head up and down on my pussy. I’m soaking wet.

“You want me, don’t you?” he says when he sees how wet I am.

I want to say yes, but my lips won’t form the word. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that I want him, even though I do.

“Doesn’t matter,” he shrugs. “I’m gonna make that pretty little cunt come.”

I think he’s going to penetrate me. I close my eyes. I ignore the arousal swirling hot in my belly.

Instead of spearing me with his cock, he just rubs his tip over my folds, picking up the moisture there and flirting with my hole. I stay still, scared of what he might do to me, excited by what he might do to me. He rubs his cock on my clit. Tingles.

I bite my lower lip, trying not to vocalize my desire. I’m horny as hell. I want this jerk, but too proud to let him know it.

He grabs his thick dick in his fist and pumps it, like he’s going to jerk off right onto my pussy, but he’s really rubbing that fat tip all over my clit. I’m wet — really wet — and his dick is slick with my moisture. My pussy makes wet sounds as he rubs himself all over. I can’t help myself, my breathing is fast, my stomach is rising and falling with desire.

I still don’t moan for him.

“I know you want it, baby,” he growls. “Beg me not to fuck you.”

“You’re not my boss,” I gasp.

But he is. He is totally my boss in every way that matters right now. I literally couldn’t stop him if I tried. That ship has sailed.

He rubs his cock faster and faster, grinding his flesh hard against my clit. I can’t stop my hips, I push them into the air, toward him. I look down, I need to see. He grins. I resent him for being such a dick and love the feeling he’s giving me. His cock-head parts my folds and massages my bud. The tingling is so fucking intense.

“You ready for me to fucking own your cunt?”

“I don’t care,” I say, but my voice is more of a moan.

He grabs my face and leans down close. I smell his sweat. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you. You hear?”

I quake. “I know.”

The tip of his penis is violent purple, fat, the angry color of a bruise.

Goddammit, just fuck me already.

Just to show me he has control, he won’t penetrate me yet. He’s intent on making me come first. I know he wants to hear me cry out with pleasure and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing my orgasm face. But I can’t hide the arousal flooding through me much longer.

He smiles. “Oh, you’re gonna cum like my little bitch,” he says.

I part my lips with a gasp — still resisting, staying silent. I tense, trying to keep the orgasm at bay. If I come, I will scream, and he wins. But I don’t think I can stop it. He’s rubbing his cock-head rapidly right against my clit. Every stroke he’s so close to impaling me. It’s awesome torture, and there’s no way I can hold out for long.

But I try. I resist with every fiber of my being, knowing that when the dam bursts I will be lost.

I grab the bed sheets in both hands. I stare at the ceiling, trying to avoid the burgeoning tingling that threatens to overwhelm me. I think of my husband. What would he think if he could see me now, spreadeagled on our marriage bed with a predator doing his worst to make me come? What would he think if he knew I loved it?

The man uses his cock-free hand to force my chin toward him. He’s still wearing his t-shirt but his pants are around his ankles.

“Look at me when I’m pleasuring you,” he says.

The asshole, I think. So damned cocky. But I do what he wants. I keep my eyes on him the whole time. I’m so turned on I can’t stand it. His cock is just right, exactly where it is, sliding up and down my slick folds, his glans rubbing my tender star.  I can feel how he masturbates himself, strokes his shaft, every motion of his fist on cock translating into a tingling pleasure drizzling through my core. I hold still, trying my best to keep my hips from rocking. My nipples are hard as little pebbles and my breast rises and falls in times to his stroking.

I tremble with pleasure.

“I’ve never made a girl’s pussy so soaking wet,” he groans.

“I’m not a girl,” I say. “I’m a woman.”

“Did I say girl? I meant you’re my little cunt,” he says.

“I’m not yours,” I say.

“You’re gonna be.”

I don’t know who I think I’m fooling. He’s right, my pussy has never been so soaking wet. I’m leaving a wet mark on the bed and he’s not even fucked me yet.

I want to be used. I want him to want me so bad he can’t help but fuck me. He’s a bad man, dangerous, and I shouldn’t encourage him. Every wrong thing he does makes me want it even more. The tension between good and bad, pleasure and pain makes me dissolve into a puddle of lust.

His face turns red. I can tell how hot he’s getting. I wonder if he can keep at it, stroking my clit with the sensitive head of his cock like that. I know his cock-head must be tingling as fiercely as my clit. I wonder if he’s going to pop off all over my pussy. That makes me even hotter.

I wriggle and squirm. My orgasm is unavoidable now.

He’s going to get his way. He’s going to make me moan. And he’s fucking right: I want him. I need him to take me.

I whimper. It’s the first real noise I’ve made.

“Oh, yeah. Now we’re getting to the good stuff, baby,” he says.

He doesn’t relent. I have no other option but to squirm. I chew on my lip, watching the veins on his neck pop out. The jerking motion of his fist is urgent and for a second I think he’s going to spill. It’s too much for me to bear. I thrust my hips toward him, quivering.

I gaze at him like a doe.

“Come,” he commands me.

I let out a groan.

“Come,” he says again.

Yes. Yes, I’m going to. I’m going to… Keep rubbing me there.

I spread my thighs wider and grip the sheets harder and bite my lip until it hurts. The tingling is intense. He can see I’m close. He goes a little faster, a little faster. I’m on the edge…

“Oh, god,” I moan. I shudder. I choke on my words. A scream huddles in my throat. The heat, the pulse, the buildup!

Not quite… I need him to keep going just a little more.

He knows I’m almost there and does something unexpected. Just as I’m at the edge of the abyss he thrusts himself into my pussy and starts fucking me hard.

I scream with surprise and my pussy unleashes. I clench and spasm around that thick shaft. It’s brutally effective, shockingly real. My whole body shudders as a wave of urgency unleashes, squeezing him. I’m left moaning and writhing with pleasure. He doesn’t let me escape or wriggle away. He’s got my thighs locked wide open and he just thrust-thrust-thrusts right to the hilt. I’m in an agony of orgasmic delight.

His cock feels incredible inside of me. I’m so turned on. Better than my husband, I think with awful guilt. Better than the best fuck I’ve ever had.

I hate him for that. He can’t be my best. But the spasms of pleasure just won’t stop. I’m totally at the mercy of his cock.

His face is bright red. He thrusts like an animal. I cry out and moan. I’ve given up pretending. I like it. I love it. I need it. My sounds spur him on. He’s bouncing me, slapping into me with a vengeance. I stretch my arms up over my head. He grabs my tits and squeezes them hard. I yelp with pleasure.

“Take your shirt off,” I gasp.

I want to see him. I can tell from his arms and his bare abdomen that’s he’s cut. He doesn’t stop fucking me for a moment, but he rips his shirt off. His chest is awesome. Pure muscle, tattoos and sweat. I can clearly see his abs flexing as he fucks me.

“Oh, fuck,” I groan.

“You like it,” he says. His face is primal, greedy.

“Just fuck me,” I say.

He doesn’t disappoint. I’ve never been rammed so hard. It’s good. I’m sore but loving it. I’ve never been taken like this. My pussy is just a fountain as his thick shaft impales me over and over again. I’m bouncing and crying out and way beyond the point of any resistance to him. I wrap my ankles around his back and let him have me.

I come again, my pussy clutching greedily at his cock. I’ve never had an orgasm from just a cock. It’s an awesome feeling.

He grabs my chin and forces me to look at him. He’s in the final stretch. Our eyes are locked. His body strains and he drips sweat on me. He’s like a rutting beast. My pussy slaps and sucks at his dick as he plows me. His veins pop out, rippling across his neck and arms. I’m so turned on by his intensity.

He stiffens and yells. He clutches my hips and buries his cock deep inside. He closes his eyes and comes like crazy in my hungry cunt. I rock my hips and savor the feeling of the workout I’ve just gotten. I’m utterly soaked and ache from the orgasms and the pounding.

“You’re a good fuck,” he says, tucking away his cock and pulling his shirt back on.

I sit up on the bed, my hair a mess. I don’t know what to do now. He waits for me to say something. I want to thank him and slap him in the same breath.

“Fuck you,” I say.

I mean it. He’s a jerk. He can’t do shit like this to women, but I’m glad that he did it to me.

He sticks his middle finger inside of my pussy and pulls it out, glistening with our combined fluids. He wipes it on my cheek like he’s marking me.

Without a word he pulls his pants up and leaves silently.

The rest of the afternoon I’m not sure what to do with my restless energy. I masturbate, thinking about the repair guy fucking me, trying to burn off my moral turpitude.



When my husband gets home there’s no sign of what happened, of course. I’ve showered, neatened the bed and gotten all primped up.

“How are you, hon?” he says, kissing me on the cheek. “You smell nice.”

“Thanks,” I say, giving him a smile. The heinous secret of my afternoon pulsates deep in my belly.

“Did the repair guy come?” he says.

“Yes, he did,” I say, blushing.

He looks at me funny. “What’s up with you?”

“Let’s go on a date tonight,” I say, distracting him with my brightest smile.

“Do you have something up your sleeve? Why are you acting so weird?”

“I’m just hungry,” I say. “I just want a night out with my husband.”

Later, in the dark privacy of our master bed, my husband is eagerly suckling at my cunt. He’s doing his best work, I’m honestly impressed. I’m moaning and arching my back. What he doesn’t know is that he’s tasting my honey mingled with the cum from my rapist’s thick and plundering cock. The thought alone makes me cum as I force my spouse to clean up my dirty deeds with his eager tongue.

Luckiest Man Alive


YOU are the luckiest man alive.

Let me rephrase that: You were the luckiest man alive.

You see, now you’re dead, so… Yeah, not so lucky anymore. But, Adam, when you were alive you really had it going for you (in a shallow, superficial kind of way).

During your mortal life, you had perfect luck with women. You were given a gift: you always got the girl. Every damn time. You barely even needed to try. Women got naked for you at the drop of a hat. Surely you understood that you had a power that other men didn’t?

Adam? Are you listening?

Just ignore those red-hot pokers. We put those here to scare newcomers, they’re just for show. I promise we will never stick one of those in your asshole. No, sir, wouldn’t dream of it.

You were good enough to look at, but that’s not the reason you attracted women. It wasn’t your money, or your personality. You were an ordinary amount of funny and a normal amount of interesting. You weren’t especially brave nor selfless. Your abs were fine. Your hair was okay. You smelled meh. You were really just a guy. Hell, you didn’t even have a big cock. You were an ordinary, boob-lovin’, ass watchin’, lady stealin’ kind of guy with no outstanding characteristics.

You’re just our type down here, you know. We specialize in scoundrels, lowlifes and pickup artists. You fall into one of those categories. You know you do.

Adam, do you remember that night when you were fifteen and you pleaded with the universe to get to third base with Becky Schiller (and you did in fact get into her pants that night)? You said, and I quote:

“If anyone is out there listening, please, please, I’ll give you anything to go down her pants.”

Well, I was listening, and I granted your sweet, hopeful wish to finger Becky. You did it and you liked it (she was less impressed, but whatever, this is about you). And now your soul belongs to Moi.

(I’d also like to note that The Big Guy does not answer requests for sexual favors unless the sex is to have a baby, and sometimes not even then. All purely sexual requests come straight down here. We have kind of a monopoly on the market of the please-lemme-get-fucked prayer response. I’m quite proud of it. Oh, and prayers for football teams. Those end up here, too.)

I thought it might be amusing to fuck up the balance on Earth by skewing the sexual attraction curve a mite in your favor. I mean, you really didn’t have much else going for you, did you?

My meddling explains your startling success with women. I hope you enjoyed this gift while you could, because it’s going to be a rough ride for you down here. We’ve got some pretty interesting stuff planned for you, my friend, starting with a blowjob from the Spider Queen — ah, but I’m off subject again.

You know, this power over women didn’t have to corrupt you. The other guys I “blessed” with this “gift” didn’t all end up with us down here. Some of them used the power in limited ways for the benefit of the women they loved. I mean, let’s take the example of Jason Fridley. He had the power and only used it to give his lovely wife (Ellen) orgasms that other women would have died to experience. He’s upstairs now, by the way, for that and other reasons unrelated to sex.

You on the other hand… Well, Adam. You used the power to fuck as many girls as you could, one after another, for your entire life. Starting with Becky and ending with Mari and Sara. Do you know what your partner count is? Of course you do, because the numbers are all that mattered to you. Your number is high, Adam. Really high. Even for rock stars that’s a huge number.

You know, the biggest problem wasn’t the fucking. We afterlife managers don’t really care about fucking, contrary to popular belief on Earth. Pleasure’s a good thing, fuck as much as you want. It’s literally the only interesting thing to do on that shitty planet of yours.

No, it’s not the sex. It’s the attitude.

You never had a meaningful relationship in your life. You used women as something slippery to wrap around your cock, as a slight improvement over your bottle of lotion. I gave you the ability to give a woman orgasms beyond her wildest dreams. You barely had to try and she would be writhing in your arms. Why didn’t you use that power more often? You could at least have given those poor girls something devilishly special to remember you by.

Can’t you see how selfish that was, how it ultimately led you down here?

(You could have also worn a condom now and then. That would have scored you a few notches on the eternal bedpost (to use an idiom you’re familiar with). Did you know that you have 92 illegitimate children? And I won’t even mention the diseases… We’ll be visiting all of them on you over the next few aeons, so you’ll get to experience those first hand.)

You didn’t have to end up here at all. You could have enjoyed your gift with the right women and for the right reasons and you’d be in a better place. But you just had to try to fuck them all, didn’t you?

Well. My little lecture is over. You made your choices. You’re here now and we’re grateful to have you. We all think you’ll be kind of fun to play with.

Before we get to the proper “entertainment”, we’re going to watch your life backwards. We’re only going to hit the highlights — nobody cares to watch you sleeping — and we’re going to start with your actions yesterday, the day you died. I’m sure that you remember it well.

Actually, Adam, maybe you should narrate this story for us. You were there, you probably know it best:

July 3rd: U.S.A, Earth, near Miami, Florida

I grab a big towel, tuck a bottle of lube into my swim trunks and head out onto the beach. The waves crash in and the air smells of the sea. There are a few young people on the sand, kicking a ball around. I walk up to two young women in bikinis. They are luscious. Thin but with just enough curve.

“Hi,” I say.

“Hey,” they reply.

“I’m Adam,” I tell them. The blonde is Sara and the brunette is Mari.

Both of the lovelies crack into a big grin and glance at one another. I’m used to this. They’re impossibly attracted to me.

I’m going to ask them something personal just to prove that I can get a woman to do anything for me.

“Did you masturbate today?” I ask, pointing at pale Sara. A normal man could never get away with that question.

“No,” she says, giggling. I smile. As always, totally receptive.

“Did you?” I point at olive-skinned Mari.

She looks embarrassed and kicks the sand. “I did this morning,” she says shyly. “To get my boyfriend in the mood.”

“You did it for your boyfriend? He watched you?”

“Yeah,” she admits, blushing.

“Then he fucked you?”

“Yeah?” she says, her flush clearly deepening.

Damn. Hot, hot, hot. I like these girls already.

I ask them how old they are. They’re nineteen. Perfect.

“Wanna take a walk?” I say.

We traipse along the wet sand, letting the cool waves wash over our feet. Mari and Sara are happy to tell me anything and everything about themselves. They tell me about when they lost their virginity, about what makes them come, about their secret fantasies. This has always been the best part of my gift: laying bare their souls. By the time I get a girl’s clothes off, I usually know her secrets better than her best friends.

We find a private part of the beach. It doesn’t really matter to me if people see us, just so long as the police don’t arrest me for public lewdness. The clouds in the West are tangerine and it’s getting cooler. I spread the big towel out on the sand.

“What are we doing?” Sara asks, brushing a strand of pale hair out of her face. I smile at her. She’s so pretty.

“I’ll tell you in a minute,” I say.

I’ve got to decide how to handle these girls. There’s such a smorgasbord of options. You must understand, they will do anything I want them to.

Anything. Gleefully willing. It’s a man’s dream come true.

I weigh the options and the situation. We won’t have much time here on the beach before somebody reports us. I decide a quickie is necessary. I’ll get in, get off, and get on my way…

But first, a little bit of playtime.

“Take your suits off,” I tell them, and they happily strip. “Damn, you two are perfect.”

I gaze at their bodies, flushing them with compliments. I tell them to turn around, bend over, pose for me. They’re lean and fit. Sara’s breasts are perfect: a nice handful and firm. She’s shaved her pussy like in the movies and it’s nice and smooth. She’s quite skinny. Mari is shorter with wide hips and full tits. Her nipples are broad and dark. She’s got a dark strip of hair on her mound and her butt reminds me of ripe fruit, sweet and ready to be plucked.

I tell Sara to suck Mari’s nipple. She gladly bends over and slips the nipple into her mouth, rolling it with her tongue. Mari gasps. Sara moves on to the other nipple once the first one is nice and hard.

While she’s doing this, I caress Sara’s slim ass. So firm. I kneel on the towel and spread her cheeks to get a look at her asshole and the pink folds of her pussy. I run my forefinger over her folds, picking up a little of her moisture, and then I push my finger inside her cunt. Her pussy flesh is hot around my finger and wetness is just blooming inside.

I stroke my finger in and out a few times. Her pussy responds with a flood of natural lube. Sara moans as I massage the roof of her cunt. I spend a few moments playing with her clit until it’s pink and swollen. Sara rocks her hips and sucks Mari’s tits harder.

I kiss Sara’s clit, slurping at it. The angle’s a little weird, but I get my tongue all over it. She moans softly. She tastes like fresh, delicious pussy.

Fuck. My cock is trying to burst out of my trunks. I stand and pull it out.

“Come here,” I say. “Kneel down.”

Both girls hop on their knees, looking up at me with those pretty faces and expectant eyes.

“Who wants it first?” I say, pointing my cock at one and then the other, as if it’s a game of spin the bottle.

Mari goes first. She grabs my shaft with her hand and strokes me a few times. The wind tousles her dark hair across her face and I find that super sexy. Her hand feels amazing, and when she wraps her lips over the tip of my cock I groan with delight. She looks up at me with dark, sultry eyes and slides her tongue over my tip. Tingling, pleasure, and the delicious urge to thrust.

While she’s got my cock buried in her mouth, I idly notice a middle-aged couple on their evening walk on the beach. They spot us and look uncomfortable, and the woman seems to be on the phone. I know I’ve got to hurry. The police will be here soon.

“God, girl,” I moan. I let her tease the tip for a few moments. “Let’s see how deep you can go.”

She brushes her hair out of her face, opens wide, and goes way down. She wiggles her head back and forth to make my cock fit. Her eyes are big and she’s making gross noises. I can feel her throat on my tip. I grab hold of her head at the pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” I swear. Mari chokes and pulls back. A trail of slime runs between my dick and her lips.

Mari’s ready to dive in again but I point my cock at Sara. “Let’s see what you’ve got,” I say. “Quick. I think that couple just called the police.”

Sara’s got that girl-next-door look. She’s the kind of girl that looks like she wouldn’t know what to do with a cock. Innocent. Man is that a mistaken impression! She leans in, opens up, and takes me deep. All the way deep. One big, unbelievable slide and she’s holding almost all of me in her mouth. She gazes up at me with beautiful blue eyes, her lips wrapped around the shaft of my fat cock and I just about lose it.

I don’t want to stop. I really want to keep swapping my dick from one girl’s mouth to the other, but I’m afraid we’re going to get caught. I love blow jobs but don’t want a night in jail.

“On your backs, right next to each other,” I say, and the girls do it just like that. They’re beautiful, naked angels. “Spread your legs wide open.”

I have to just take a moment to describe this: these two gorgeous girls are on their backs, spread-eagled, just waiting for me. Their nipples are hard and their tits flatten against their chest. They watch me eagerly as I pull off my trunks and slop some lube on my dick. Mari’s cuntlips are full and dark. Sara’s are small and soft pink. I don’t know which one I want to fuck first.

This is my life, I think victoriously. I get sex when and how I want it. I don’t have to be romantic or thoughtful. I can take my time or just fuck, and the girls never think I’m the bad guy.

“Spread wider,” I tell them, and they both open their thighs as wide as they’ll go. I gaze at their glistening folds as if that’s going to help me decide.

Mari, I decide. I get down on her and position my dick at her opening.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

She nods, nibbling her lower lip.

She’s super wet. I run the tip over her snatch a few times and she wiggles her hips. Her dark eyes moon at me seductively.

This is my favorite part. I press forward. My tip enters her. She parts her lips with a gasp and arches her back. Damn, so hot and wet inside. She envelopes me. I bury my shaft, stroke it in and out just to get the feeling. Holy hell, she’s good. She moans. Her nipples harden.

Once I’ve got Mari warmed up, I pull out and jump over to Sara. I love how naughty it is to put my dick into one chick, whip it out, and shove it right into another one. Plus, as a man, I just find it interesting how pussies feel. I’m like a wine aficionado, except my thing is cunt.

Sara’s so wet I can hardly believe it. I slide my dick over her clit, making her squirm, then line up at her cunthole. She tenses, her thin body getting rigid.

“Relax,” I say, pressing into her.

I groan. Her pussy is raging hot and soaking wet, and she’s so damn tight. It’s hard for me to squeeze in. I use a little more force and my dickhead slips into her pussy. She gasps and winces as I go deeper. I stroke in and out a little, trying to widen her velvety channel.

Meanwhile, Mari is spread wide open and fingering herself. I glance over at her and she’s got two fingers thrust into her well-oiled cunt. She’s chewing on her lip, watching me trying to penetrate her friend. Lust is painted all over her face. It turns me on so much. Her pussy makes juicy noises as she masturbates.

I thrust steadily forward into Sara, totally surprised by her narrow pussy. I’m only halfway and I feel like I’m stuck. She whimpers and gasps and braces her hands against my chest. She’s trembling.

“Careful,” she whispers. “Go slow.”

“You’re so damn tight,” I groan.

“Because I’m a virgin,” she says.



I have a personal rule not to seduce virgins, but I realize I forgot to ask her this time. It’s not really an ethical thing for me, I just usually find that they’re not quite ready for me yet. But I’m half-deep in Sara already so I guess that ship has sailed. I’m not going to
partially deflower her. If we’re doing this, we’re going all the way.

It explains why she looks so damn innocent, though, doesn’t it? I can hardly believe that this cutie-of-all-cuties hasn’t been fucked at nineteen. Clearly she’s been sticking to blow jobs, because she’s damn good at those.

“Okay,” I tell her. “I want you to just relax. It’ll hurt a little, but I’m just going to take you now, got it?”

“Okay,” she says, but I can feel her muscles tightening around my cock. “Careful.”

“No, just trust me. We’re just going to do it. Let go,” I tell her. “Relax.”

She lets out a breath and I feel her loosen. I grab her wrists and pin them over her head. Her breasts flex appealingly.

I thrust. Her eyes widen and she opens her mouth and gives a shuddering little cry. I just go for it, pushing into her, opening her for the first time. She’s so unbelievably tight. It’s like heaven around my cock. Then I settle into the depths of her newly-deflowered cunt. I feel that satisfaction of my dick being the first to reach her core.

Mari moans and fingers herself, thrusting her hips in the air next to us. Her pussy sounds so sloppy.

“Good?” I ask Sara.

Sara nods. “Yeah.”

“Here goes,” I tell her.

I start stroking slowly in and out of her. Her pussy is fucking steamy and wet. It’s such a good feeling having her flesh wrapped around my dick I can barely describe it. I want to come right now, but I don’t. I keep thrusting in and out, loosening her a little, and she starts rocking her hips and moaning. Shortly, I can tell the discomfort has passed and she’s full-on for sex. Her pale cheeks are pink and her breath is ragged. She thrusts her hips up to take more of me.

Mari groans at the sight of me fucking her friend.

“It’s so fucking hot,” Mari says.

Sara just moans. I free her wrists and she runs her hands over my chest and abs, getting the feel of a man on top of her.

“I love it,” Sara says as my cock makes sloppy music in her cunt.

A jogger runs by and stops. He just openly stares at me fucking the blonde. He even comes a little closer. I don’t say anything. It’s a public beach, after all, he can stand and watch whatever he wants.

I see red and blue lights flashing in the palm trees down the beach. Shit. The police. I’m out of time. Suddenly I’ve got a quandary: I’m balls-deep in a sexy ex-virgin and her horny friend is hot and waiting right next to me. I’ve gotta come but I’ve got to do it fast.

I start fucking Sara fast and hard. She cries and moans as I take her. She wraps her ankles around my back. Her pussy gushes.

I grab her tits, squeezing them hard. I pinch her nipples and it makes her crazy. She arches her back and claws at my arms passionately. The sound of her friend makes Mari go nuts. She’s rubbing her cunt with her whole hand, propped up on an elbow so she can better see my erection plumbing her friend. All the sudden, Mari tosses her head back and thrusts her hips toward the sky. She clamps her thighs together over her hand and still rubs herself aggressively. Her throaty cries are so sexy. Sara moans in response.

I’m so close as I fuck Sara. Her tight pussy slides like butter around my cock. I feel a tingling pressure build toward the tip. I start to moan.

“Oh, fuck. I’m going to come,” I say.

Sara makes her own sexy little noises, so turned on by my groans of pleasure. I thrust, thrust, thrust

I pull out. It’s agony. Sara whimpers as her cunt gapes for my cock.

“Mari, open your mouth,” I say.

I straddle her, hanging on to my orgasm long enough to shove my rod down her throat. I let go, moaning as I thrust into Mari’s hot mouth, my cum spilling out into her throat. She gulps and swallows and coughs, making messy, sexy noises. Sara watches, rubbing her clit super fast. As I spend my jizz in Mari’s mouth, Sara lifts her skinny hips and comes. Her eyes are glued on me. She makes little high-pitched cries as her pussy spasms with relief.

As soon as I’m done, I jump up and pull on my suit. My heart is pounding and I just want to wiggle around with these girls for a while, but we’re totally going to get caught.

“Come on, hurry,” I urge them.

The jogger watches us dress. The girls can’t get their tops back on quickly so they pull on their bikini bottoms and we make a run for it. Their breasts jiggle as they run. They giggle. I love it.

We find a concrete stairway down the beach that leads up to a little parking lot. It’s now dusk and the sky is purple. I give Mari and Sara a hug and a kiss on the lips, the first time I’ve kissed either of them.

“Thanks,” I say.

“Thank you,” Sara says with a big smile. She arranges her bikini top. “I don’t suppose you want to go get something to eat?”

“No,” I tell her. “I just wanted to fuck you. I don’t really want to hang out.”

The girls seem fine with that. Some guys might feel guilty but frankly I don’t care. I got what I wanted: two willing and sexy girls to have my way with and never see again.

We say goodbye and they wave. I smile to myself as I walk away.

I’m the luckiest man alive.

Well, that happened, didn’t it? Quite the show, Adam. Bravo.

Two minutes later you were texting a woman who was obsessed with you (yes, Jessica, the one with the nipples that point in two directions) and you weren’t paying attention. You walked right in front of a taco truck and were flattened. It’s kind of funny, really. Your last few minutes of life were a perfect reflection of the previous thirty-two: selfish, hedonistic and not paying attention to the road ahead.

Are you proud of yourself, Adam? I’ve got to admit I’m a bit proud of you. I mean, you were a huge disappointment in every ethical sense of the word, but you were a first-class lecher. I’m not sure I could have done better myself, and that’s saying something. I’ve been practicing for eternity, but you’re a natural!

Let’s go back over the last seventeen years of your memories, at least. We can stop after we review the Becky Schiller incident. It should only take us five and a half years to review that much (if we skip the sleeping, eating, pooping and all the other boring shit humans do with most of their lives). After that, I’ll let you decide if you’d rather have your nipples sliced off in an endless loop or have your erect dick used as a pin cushion. Literally as a pincushion: some of our uniforms have holes in them that need mending, so we could use some help holding the pins.

Oh, and I forgot the Spider Queen blowjob. Let me assure you that it’s nothing like any blowjob you ever got on Earth. She knows what she’s doing with her mandibles, but I’ve heard that she’s a bit toothy.

Adam. Oh, Adam. Crying like a baby’s not going to help you. The time for regrets was while you were alive. Shall we watch your memory of the next poor girl you seduced? What’s her name? Oh, here it is: Amanda. You fucked her in the bathroom at the mall food court and then stole her shorts as a joke.

Yes, that will be fun. Let’s get some popcorn and roll the tape.

Girl On Top

It’s hard to be a woman in this business. I have to prove myself every day in the agency. It doesn’t help that I’m short. Petite. I fucking hate that word. I can take down a man three times my weight and gut him in one move. Stare at my breasts and your testicles will be dangling from my rear-view mirror.

I’ve been hunting Ivan for months. He’s a master thief, a suspected spy and a known murderer. He’s burly and bald, with a pale scar over his left eye. I’ve got his head shot ingrained in my memory and I could pick him out of a crowded room instantly. I probably know his face better than my own father’s.

If he didn’t look so mean he would be really handsome. That’s a purely clinical assessment, of course. I’m a professional agent. I don’t have feelings.

I’m giddy as I race up the stairs in the ratty old hotel because I’ve finally caught up to him. I’m in Bulgaria, in a bad part of Sofia, and there’s no backup for me here for at least an hour or two. I consider laying low until I can get some help, but I decide he’ll find a chance to slip away. This chase will just start over again. I decide I must confront him.

I clutch my pistol tightly as I kick in the door. The door jam splinters. My heart pounds, but the room is empty except for Ivan, who’s on the bed. I aim my gun right at his forehead.

I crack a grin at my luck. He’s naked and tied to the bed frame. He looks at me with exasperation.

“You were expecting someone else?” I say.

He’s gagged with a pair of panties in his mouth. I can deduce what happened here: Ivan gave himself permission for some kinky sex play and the girl probably robbed him and fled as soon as he was tied up.

“I’m surprised at you, Ivan. I would’ve thought that your girls would be the ones who get tied up.”

He glares at me. I have to admit, his masculine body is really appealing. He’s strong and lean. He has an animal allure. I let my gaze trail over his body, admiring his fine abs and chest. My eyes linger between his legs. His cock rests on the light fuzz beneath his navel. It has a nice shape. I can’t help but feel a little flush of heat at the sight of him. I’m especially affected because he’s tied up.

I set my gun on the seedy mattress and close the door, blocking it with a chair so it won’t swing open. I decide to have a little fun with him before I handcuff him and drag his ass to prison. He looks at me with wild eyes as I straddle his legs. He clearly thinks I’m going to hurt him, and I don’t do anything to lessen that impression. I want him to be afraid.

“You’ve caused me so much trouble, Ivan,” I say. I rake my fingernails over his skin from his nipples to his abdomen. “I could cause you a lot of trouble now.”

I grab his cock in my palm, feel it stiffening between my fingers.

“You’ve got some very sensitive parts exposed here,” I say. “I can put you in a world of hurt if I want to.”

I can see the fear in his eyes. His cock is hard as a rock, now. The tip glistens with a touch of dew. I know that he hates me as much as I loathe him, and that it must kill him to show so much desire in front of me. I give his cock a few good strokes, see the pleasure flash across his face. Ivan does a good job disguising it, but I can still tell that he loves my touch. Lust rolls between my legs like a warm mist rising.

“Nice work,” I say, indicating his erection. “You can still manage to get it up.”

Honestly, he’s got a nice cock for a crook. Nice and thick, about the right length, a fat head. His bush is trimmed. I don’t care that he’s a criminal, I can admire a man’s junk no matter who he is.

I squeeze him, really hard, hard enough that I know it must be uncomfortable. He doesn’t flinch. He just glares at me.

I’m getting wet and I realize I’m creating a problem for myself. I want this to go further than it should. It’s already gone further than it should. I enjoy having the velvety skin of my enemy in my palm and I don’t want to let him go.

“You just hate that my hand feels good, don’t you?” I say. “I’ve got you exactly where I want you, Ivan.”

I cup his testicles in my hand, squeezing them just a little. They’re very warm. I get a thrill knowing how much control I have and how scared he must be. I literally have him by the balls.

I know I’m taking this too far, but I can’t help myself. I strip off my top, kick off my shoes and slip out of my (standard issue) cargo pants. I’m not wearing fancy underwear, just comfy cotton. Ivan’s eyes never leave my body.

“You like this?” I wave a hand over my body, shivering a little. I’ve got goose bumps.

He narrows his eyes.

“That’s what I thought,” I say as I climb atop him.

His eyes widen as I straddle his hips and rub my cotton-covered crotch over his cock. I slowly ease my hips forward and back, letting the friction give me pleasure. I can see the heat in his eyes, and I can feel it in his body, too. He sucks his stomach in as I squeeze his cock between my pussy and his abdomen.

I’m over the line now. Way over the line. So far I can’t even see the line. The department might forgive a little impropriety as long as the job gets done, but this is beyond the pale. The problem is: I can’t stop myself. It’s too much to have my archenemy tied to a bed. I must take advantage of it.

I reach around and unclasp my bra. The cool air stiffens my nipples. Ivan’s eyes widen. I notice how blue his pupils are.

“What, you like my body?” I say, taunting him. “You think I have nice tits? Admit it, Ivan. You’re attracted to me. You’re just aching for me to fuck you before I drag your ass to jail.”

He says nothing because of the pair of panties stuffed in his mouth, but I can see the raw desire in his eyes. My pussy moistens my panties. I press myself harder against his erection, gasping at the rub of fabric against flesh. I’m not satisfied. I need more, more…

I peel off my panties and straddle his face instead. I look down my naked body to see him peering up at me, my pussy covering his mouth. It feels risky having my bare pussy so close to his teeth, but I guess he can’t bite me with his mouth full of another woman’s briefs. I rub my soaking folds all over his face, grinding against him, using his chin and nose to press on my clit. He’s scruffy. A little rough on my lady bits. I like it. I try to smother him under my pussy, sitting on his face, making him gasp for breath when I move my hips. A crazy thrill of power surges through me as I look down at him buried under my snatch. I rock my hips, feeling the pleasure roll through me. He looks desperate, breathing in through his nose when I let him.

I smile at him.

“You’re my bitch, Ivan,” I tell him as I smush my pussy all over his criminal face.

I tremble and ache. I could easily come like this, grinding my clit on his skull, but I’m not satisfied. I straddle his hips again and take his fat cock in my hand. It’s hot and hard as sin, the tip dripping wet with his desire. I can’t handle any more teasing. I need to ride him.

I slip his dick between my legs and position it at the mouth of my pussy. I gasp at the delicious feeling of his cockhead pressing at my opening. I lower my hips with agonizing slowness. He stares at me, a look of despair on his face. He moans into the gag. He trembles. His cock opens me torturously as I bury him to the hilt inside of me.

I’m stuffed full of his thickness, achingly full. His tip presses against my womb. I groan.

“Great work with this boner you’ve got going, Ivan,” I say.

I begin to move my hips so slightly. I don’t want him to come and spoil my fun, but I want to feel the fullness of his erection, the electric bump and slide of him in my pussy. I touch my clitoris, rubbing my nob fiercely. I’m lost. My nipples peak and I pinch them with my free hand. I gasp and moan at the upward thrust of him cleaving home. I’m gushing wet, squeezing his cock with my flesh, barely moving my hips while my fingers squish and press and rub my clit. I quiver as my body tenses.

“I know you want me to get you off,” I gasp. “I’m here to take, not to give.”

Ivan’s expression is tortured. I know he wants me to ride him, give him the full feeling of my pussy sliding up and down his rod. I won’t do it.

The pressure is intense. I tingle. Heat floods through me. I move my hand faster, working my bud. My body starts to quake. I let out an agonized moan.

I’m stretched wide, plugged full. I let myself go, jerking my hips as I cascade over the edge into orgasm. My pussy grabs at his cock, spasming, waves of pleasure rolling through me. I collapse onto his chest, bracing myself against his strong body as my pussy squeezes every ounce of pleasure from him.

I’m dizzy. I regain my sanity and slide off of him. His cock is huge and the tip is angry purple. It’s shiny with my juices. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man so fucking hard. His balls are clenched up against his body.

He must be so painfully horny.

The power goes to my head. My instincts as a lover are to let him finish, to do something about that hard-on resting on his stomach. It looks agonizing. But that’s not my mission. I fucked him. I got mine. He can go to hell.

“I hope you like blue balls,” I tell him as I dress and ready the handcuffs.

As they say, to the victors go the spoils.

Consolation Prize

Here’s an old story I’ve pulled out of my archives. Honestly, I’m not really sure what I was thinking with this one, but here it is for your amusement. I started a new category for it: Bad Erotica for Good People. Enjoy, I guess…

I’ve got a thing for being watched and tonight it’s going to happen.

My husband’s good friend Adrian was spending his Saturday evening with us. He’d just split up with his wife (she cheated on him with a mutual friend) and he was heartbroken. My husband, Dan, invited him over to watch man movies, drink beer, and forget the bitch.

I came downstairs into the den with a tray of snacks and found that the guys were watching porn. It wasn’t hardcore, it was Playboy stuff, but I was a little miffed that they were watching a bunch of nubile women flouncing their wares. I’m not the kind of wife that approves of porn, and I’d made that pretty clear to Dan, but tonight he didn’t seem to care. He looked at me helplessly and shrugged.

“It’s for Adrian,” he said.

The guys were already a little drunk. I guess it was all for a good cause.

I felt really fucking bad for Adrian. We’d known the couple well. Lisa, his wife, was extremely fit and athletic, and Dan and I both thought she was really hot. I asked my husband if he’d bone her and he emphatically nodded. I punched him in the arm. I couldn’t really blame him, though. I would have sucked whip cream off Lisa’s entire lean body, so I’m no better.

The way Adrian told the story, he came home from work in the early afternoon with a headache. He heard a tell-tale creaking noise coming from the bedroom. At first he thought Lisa was getting herself off, but when he opened the bedroom door he found two guys on his wife, one taking her from behind and one with his cock in her mouth.

“They were bodybuilders, too,” Adrian moaned as he told the story. “It was like walking in on the Mr. Universe porn set.”

I just felt terrible for him and I wanted to do something to help.

I looked at the big flat screen. A Playboy model turned around and waved her bubble butt sensuously in the camera. I frowned.

“What else can we do for Adrian that will make him feel better?” I ask in a pointed tone.

Adrian answered me sincerely. “You know what I’d really like?” he said. “I want you guys to let me watch you have sex.”

Definitely drunk. I smiled.

“Whoa,” Dan said, blushing. I thought it was cute when he blushed. “Whoa, buddy. That’s… uh, over the line. That’s my wife.”

“Sorry,” Adrian said. He glanced at me.

“You really want to see that?” I asked him.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “That would be hot.”

“You want to watch him get on me?” I pointed at my husband. “Maybe you think we’re better at sex than we are.”

“I guess I’ve just imagined it so much that I want to see it,” he said.

“You think about us having sex?” I said, surprised.

“All the time.”

I frowned.

“All right,” I said. “I can be down with that.”

“What?” both men said in unison.

“Let’s do it. Better than letting you guys watch Playboy TV all day.”

“Excuse me just a second,” my husband said. Dan pulled me upstairs. “Are you crazy?” he said.

“Why not?” I said.

“Because you’re my wife?” Dan said. “Liz, do you really want him to watch us?”

I shrugged. “Yeah,” I said. “It kinda turns me on.”

Dan looked at me with a whole new respect. “Seriously.”

“Yeah,” I said again. “Why not? It sounds fun. What’s gonna happen?”

Dan was silent. I noticed the bulge in his jeans.

“Is that from the Playboy, or are you excited, too?”

“Shit,” Dan said. “Okay, what the hell?”

I smiled. Shit just got real.

“You still want to watch us fuck?” I called to Adrian.

“Yeah?” Adrian said.

“Turn that shit off and meet us in the bedroom.”

It’s a few minutes later. I’m naked and so is Dan. We have the light on in our bedroom but it’s set to a soft glow. Adrian doesn’t really look at Dan but his eyes are all over me. I like it. I’ve always had a little crush on Adrian, and I’m vain about my body. It feels good to flaunt it in front of him.

“You’re hot,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say, doing a naked curtsey just to be funny.

Dan starts kissing me a little awkwardly. He palms my breast and I reach for his cock. He stiffens in my hand. I like it. His dick is long and eager and I love how hard the shaft is but how velvety soft the skin is. I guess that probably describes any guy’s dick, but I like my husband so we’ll pretend his cock is special.

“Touch her,” Adrian coaxes.

Dan glances at his friend.

“No backseat driving,” he says, but his hand drifts between my legs.

He runs his finger between my folds. I sigh. It feels nice, but what is especially hot are Adrian’s eyes on me while I make out with my husband. I’m hot and wet from that alone!

We curl up on the bed, kissing and touching each other. Dan’s lips meander down my neck and to my breast. He suckles my nipple until it’s hard and then moves to the other one. I arch my back and watch the look on Adrian’s face. I spread my legs wide so that he gets a good look at my pussy, glistening with desire. Dan doesn’t notice but I smile at his best friend, who gives me a thumb’s up at the sight of my snatch.

I’m proud of myself for being so daring.

Dan blocks Adrian’s view of my pussy by pushing his fingers up inside and covering my mound with his palm. He follows it up with an encore of two and then three fingers. I stretch. Dan’s never put three fingers in my pussy, so I figure he’s showing off for Adrian. I guess boys will be boys.

“Eat her out,” Adrian says. Dan shoots him a look.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a caring lover. He always makes sure that I come, usually more than once. I’ve got no complaints. Despite this, he’s not much for cunnilingus. He’ll do it, but I can tell he does it only because he doesn’t want a divorce. I don’t care. I still make him go down on me, and I keep him down there as long as I can.

With Adrian watching, suddenly he’s a pussy pro! He practically dives between my thighs and he’s almost too eager to feast on my sloppy bits. Dan’s slurping on my folds and lapping at me with his tongue. It feels amazing and ridiculous at the same time.

“Aren’t you industrious tonight,” I tell him, grabbing him by the hair and guiding his face.

He just gives me a wicked look over my own mound and says nothing (since his mouth is busy between my thighs).

He sucks my clit between his lips and I cry out and laugh. He devours me. He sticks his tongue inside of me (which is interesting, but not really my thing). He’s never made any of these moves before, and I’m stuck somewhere between loving it and feeling super irritated that he hasn’t been doing his best between my legs before tonight.

But I’m not complaining. Dan doubles down on my clit, sucking it into his mouth and rolling it with his tongue. I’m gushing. I moan. I glance at Adrian and he looks horny as hell. My clit is throbbing and I’m going to come. I press Dan’s face to my pussy, but my eyes lock with Adrian’s. I cry out, pleasure spilling through me as I come, and I keep my gaze on Adrian’s face the whole shuddering time.

Hottest orgasm ever.

Dan springs up as soon as my orgasm has passed, as if my pussy might somehow try to suction onto his face like some kind of pink alien. He wipes his chin on the sheets.

Adrian looks pretty hot and bothered.

“Do you guys mind if I — uh — get more comfortable?” Adrian says, pointing to his fly.

“Take it out,” I say. “I want to see it.”

Dan gives me a quizzical look. I shrug.

“He’s getting a good look at all of my parts, it may as well be fair,” I say.

“You’re going to jerk off?” Dan says.

“Um, I guess, yeah?” Adrian says, unbuttoning his jeans. “If that’s okay.”

“Yes, it’s okay,” I say breathlessly. I just want to see his hard penis, to see him stroke it.

Dan gives up and decides he’s too horny to care. He leaps between my legs. His long cock bounces as he positions himself to fuck. I spread my thighs and put my hands behind my head. I glance at Adrian. He’s unzipped and pulled his pants down. He’s sitting in the chair with his dick out, stroking himself. He’s got a long, mean-looking cock. I want to take a minute to watch him but then Dan sticks his cock into my pussy.

Wow, he’s looking for stud-of-the-night, I think. He thrusts into me hard. I moan. He feels amazing inside. Every stroke, every thrust, feels super. I’ve had sex umpteen times with my husband and it’s usually quite nice, but tonight I’m really worked up and it’s not because of him. Having Adrian watching him thrusting into my pussy makes the sex feel amazing.

Dan plows me. He’s usually pretty gentle, but tonight he’s fucking me like a jock. He slaps his hips against me and I start crying out, bouncing against his thighs. Most nights I would describe our sex as lovemaking but tonight he’s banging me — no-holds barred, aggressive, banging. My pussy slurps and sucks around his cock as he fucks me. His thrusts stir me to the core. I think I’m going to come again, another thing that doesn’t usually happen.

Dan’s face is bright red. The veins strain on his neck. I put my hands against his chest to feel the flex of his muscles as he fucks me, but also to hold him back a little. He’s spread my thighs brutally and he’s really letting me have it. I love rough sex and I’m a little scared he might hurt me.

I glance at Adrian. His face is red. He’s flogging his cock in his fist. The head is bright purple and it looks like he’s choking it. My throat is tight and I start to tremble.

“Fuck me, don’t stop!” I scream at Dan while my eyes are glued to Adrian’s dick.

Adrian comes, his jizz flying into the air and splattering on his hand. That’s it for me, my pussy clenches around Dan’s cock and I’m screaming like a banshee. The sound of my pleasure sends Dan over the edge and he spills his cum inside of me, thrusting over and over to my core until he’s empty.

After we’ve all cleaned up, I join the guys in their man cave. Adrian keeps glancing at me and looking away again. Dan seems super proud of himself, and I’m just glowing with how sexy I feel. We wind up watching Playboy after all, and I no longer feel that edge of jealousy toward those gals. After what I did tonight, I feel like the vixen of the year.

College Try

This was a little story I pulled out of the vault and brushed off for the blog. It’s a reminder that I used to churn out erotica (of dubious quality) for pennies. I would much rather let you enjoy it for free. Erotica Libre!

One night in college…

I was hanging out in my dorm room with Mark and Josh, two good friends.

“You ever watch porn before?” Mark asked me.

“Ugh,” I said.

I certainly wasn’t a prude. I bet I’d had more actual sex than Mark and Josh combined, not to mention my general fascination with fucking. But porn wasn’t part of the repertoire.

“Porn’s not for girls,” I joked.

“Bullshit,” he said. He pulled a DVD (yeah, it was the ’90s) out of his backpack and flashed us a wicked grin. “Want to?”

“Uh, no?” I said.

“You’re telling me you’re twenty and you’ve never seen porn? And you’re okay with that?”

“We had to watch some for my feminism and sexuality class,” I said.

“Great, so you already know more than me. Let’s watch it,” Mark said, inserting the disk.

“Mark, if she doesn’t want to…” Josh said, trailing off as the explicit preview began.

There was an erection and cum and a woman bouncing on a cock, some terrible doink music, a closeup of a dick and pussy mushing together. I had a hard time figuring out which parts were which. It was disorienting.

I stared, wide-eyed, at the gross anatomy splashed across the screen. And that was just the advertisement.

Josh cringed with embarrassment on my behalf. “We can turn it off,” he said, making no move for the remote.

“Maybe a little bit will be interesting,” I said.

We sat on my bed and watched. I had Mark on one side of me and Josh on the other. We turned off the lights. I remember the snow whirling outside the dorm room window. The video was awful and we spent a lot of time laughing at how bad it was. I was in the space between disgusted and totally turned on. I covered my eyes sometimes but I couldn’t look away.

We watched a scene with three hard muscular dudes and a thin woman with small tits. The guys were all over her. At one point she was taking turns slurping two guys and she rode the third. I was fascinated by their big cocks and how eager she was to take on three of them. I covered my eyes when they came on her face, but peeked through my trembling fingers to watch anyway.

Then Josh put his hand on my thigh.

I glanced at him, shocked. He smiled.

I glanced back at the show, not quite sure what to do or say. Mark was oblivious.

Josh slid his hand up my thigh until his fingers were against my pussy. He could feel my heat through the pajamas. His fingers felt great but I wanted more.

Josh rubbed me with tiny motions. I gasped. My eyes were glued to the action on the screen, but all my attention was on the friction between my legs.

What if Mark noticed? Did I care?

I reached for the bulge in Josh’s sweatpants. He made a little noise when I squeezed his cock. I opened my legs and Josh covered my crotch with his whole hand. He squeezed my pussy.

At that moment in the video a porny guy was eating out a girl’s pussy. I boiled.

I chewed my lip. I smelled the clean scent of Josh’s hair as he scooted closer to me and pressed his warm body against mine.

He kissed my neck silently, sending shivers down my spine. He fumbled with the elastic of my pajama bottoms. I held my breath and longed to kiss him back. He awkwardly slipped his hand into my pants and his fingers slid into my heat. I moaned. I squeezed him in response. He was rock hard.

This was getting too hot to handle. My breath quickened as Josh explored my hot folds.

Mark jumped when I touched his thigh. He glanced at me in surprise, saw Josh’s hand wiggling in my pajamas, and smiled.

He stood up and stripped off his pants, revealing his pale cock.

I giggled. “You’re not shy!”

He grabbed his penis and shook it. “Not shy at all!”

He knelt on the bed, took my head in his hands, and kissed me lingeringly. I squeezed the bulge in Josh’s pants while Mark left me breathless with tender kisses, his cock bouncing just inches from me.

Excitement jolted me as I reached out an touched Mark’s naked cock. It was silky smooth and so hard. His tip was slick with moisture. I wondered if I did that to him or it was the porn.

Mark groaned as I stroked him. Josh stripped from the waist down. The sight of his white buttocks gave me a vicious rush. The two guys sandwiched me from either side, taking turns making out with me, touching me. Both guys were running hot.

I had a dick in each hand. Think about that: two men, two cocks. It was a revelation! At that point in my life I’d held exactly two dicks (and not at the same time). I’d just doubled my lifetime dick-holding total!

I discovered that I was bad at pleasuring two guys at once. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried stroking two dicks at the same time but it requires lots of coordination. I jerked one and forgot to jerk the other. I’m sure it was frustrating. There were simply too many cocks.

Mark laughed. “Can you rub your head and your tummy at the same time?” he said as my strokes stuttered.

I blushed. “Shut up,” I said. “Or we all put our clothes back on.”

“Yeah, I’d rather not,” he said.

“Then keep your comments to yourself. And no, I can’t,” I said, answering his tummy/head question.

Josh groaned. “Please just keep rubbing me, at least?”

I blushed.

As if to prove that I was good at this whole threesome thing, I leaned over and took Mark into my mouth. No drama, just like I was sucking on a lollipop. A salty lollipop.

Mark groaned like he was dying. Exhilaration.

It was probably a bad idea to make out with both of my friends at once, but I had two guys here and I’ve gotta admit, I felt pretty awesome.

Two men at once! Winning at the Game of Life! Score!!!

I slurped on Mark’s head, doing my best work. He was big and I had to open wide. He unbuttoned my pajama top, palmed my breast and massaged my nipple between his finger and thumb. I tingled fiercely.

I gulped on his erection, making gross slurping noises. My chin was wet. Blow jobs can be kind of fun, but they sure do get messy. Of course, I forgot about Josh’s lower half while sucking Mark, so in frustration he changed tactics and started working on me.

Josh pulled off my pajama bottoms. I lifted my hips as he stripped my panties off. The cold air rushed over my bare skin. It was a rush to have Josh gazing at my pussy while I sucked Mark’s cock.

The porno played in the background the whole time. Recorded sounds of slapping, gulping and moaning blended with our own.

Josh spread my thighs, his hands painting goosebumps all over the skin of my legs. I gasped around Mark’s cock. Josh pressed his lips to my pussy with all of the tenderness of a lover’s first kiss. A moment later he was devouring my folds, slurping desperately at my flesh. I lifted my hips to his face, letting the pleasure travel right up my core and transferring my horniness into the eager blow job I was giving Mark. Mark, for his part, cupped my tit with one hand while he ran his free hand through my hair.

Josh was making it hard to concentrate. I closed my eyes and moaned, forgetting Mark’s cock temporarily. Josh flicked my clit with his tongue. The little bud was swollen with tingly pleasure. He slipped his fingers into my pussy. The pads of his fingers rubbed the roof of my vagina until I was beside myself.

I panted and quaked as his mouth wrapped over my soaking flesh and his fingers penetrated me again and again. Unbelievable pleasure pooled between my legs. I gripped Mark’s cock and he nuzzled against my lips, but all I could do was moan and thrust my hips.

I came to the edge of the abyss.

I parted my lips and sucked Mark into my mouth. He moaned at the pleasure and squeezed my tits in response.

That put me over the edge.

For a split-second I became blindingly aware of two men. Two men. One of them groped my breasts, his cock pressed to my lips. The other licked my pussy and had his fingers inside of me.

Two guys. Holy shit. I was a sex goddess.

“Shit, I’m close, babe,” Mark groaned.

“Me too,” I whimpered. I thought of Mark coming right this second. Right in my mouth. Just as my own insides were ramping toward…

I came, my core clenching delightfully around Josh’s fingers. I cried and quivered.

The porno played in the background, fake real sex mirrored against real real sex.

Josh spread my thighs and pressed his cockhead against my hot folds. God I wanted him inside so badly! He rubbed his tip up and down my pussy, picking up my moisture, and then he started to penetrate me. It was slow going, despite my wetness.

“Tight,” he groaned.

“Wait,” I gasped.

His cockhead nudged into me. I could feel it like a ring of fire.

“Wait,” I said again.

Josh stopped, halfway inside. He trembled. Every instinct told him to thrust to my core.

“What is it?” he groaned.

“Condom,” I said.

I wanted him so badly. I wanted to feel him inside, the slide of his hard shaft in my gushing pussy, but I knew better than to lose my head. No glove, no love. It’s the law.

“Shit,” Josh said, grimacing at the ache in his balls. His tip was already inside, and I could see the war being fought in his brain. He wanted to fuck me so badly!

Josh glanced at me and then at Mike. Mike shook his head.

“I don’t have one,” Mike said.

The men looked at each other in agony. I was desperate and so were they. Josh was still half-thrust inside my pussy. For one second I almost told him to go ahead, fuck me, pour his cum inside of my womb. I knew both these guys, I trusted them. But I wasn’t on the pill, and I was a modern girl who knew what’s what. I shook my head.

“Come here,” I said, at wits’ end with desire — and at least a little guilty for leading them down this path and not putting out.

I got on my knees and took Josh more deeply in my mouth then I’d ever had a guy. He stood over me, standing awkwardly. I gagged and gulped, slurping him and stroking him messily. Mark stood up, too. As I gagged on Josh’s cock I stroked Mark’s — or rather I held it, forgetting to stroke.

Then I switched men. My mouth was super sloppy from sucking Josh but I went right down on Mark. He groaned like a Viking.

I didn’t think. My mouth went from guy to guy. I sucked cock like I’d never sucked and I’m sure I would’ve made the girls in the porno jealous.

I had both men groaning and quivering. My chin was dripping wet and the guys were soaked too. I stroked and sucked in one motion, my head bobbing. I tried to keep one busy with my mouth while I made sure the other wasn’t left too far behind. It was like a super-sexual game of concentration, only with dicks.

Mark reached the promised land first. He was twitchy and every time I went down he sort of bent over me, hugging my head like he was in pain. I took this as a good sign. I hadn’t ever really gotten a guy off in my mouth and I wasn’t sure what to expect. He gave me a little warning.

“I’m going to…” He moaned the words more than said them.

I could tell he wasn’t sure where to squirt, so I made the choice for him. I went way down — girls, I mean way down. I eased into it and fucked him deep into my mouth and tried not to totally gag. He groaned and stiffened and thrust.

“Fuck, fuck that feels great…” he moaned. “Holy shit, don’t stop.”

I took a deep breath through my nose and relaxed, ignoring that my mouth was packed with cock.

His cum spilled onto my tongue and down my throat. I gagged a little bit at that moment, but I swallowed and massaged his shaft and tip with my tongue. I smiled up at him, the look of ecstasy on his face an amazing reward for the rather messy work I’d just undertaken.

But I wasn’t done! There was another cock here, achingly stiff for attention.

I gulped down Mark’s offering and set in again on Josh, who I guess wasn’t squeamish about the other guy’s cum (or too horny to care). In any case, I started going to town on Josh. He moaned and groaned and gasped — all the sounds I wanted to hear! He wasn’t as large as Mark and I found it easier to take him deep, which he loved. He rolled his head back and moaned. I stroked him and sucked deep, my other hand braced on his naked abdomen. I loved the feel of his muscles flexing as I pleasured him.

Josh stiffened and quivered. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft. Mark, apparently trying to be useful, knelt behind me and stroked my wet pussy. I ignored the aching pleasure as well as I could. I was focused on getting Josh off. I wanted him to have the best time ever.

When it was clear that he was close, his tip big and fat and purple with desire, he put his hands lovingly on my head and said:

“Let me do it on your tits.”

I smiled and nodded, pushing my breasts out to give him a good splashboard. My nipples stuck out like hard nubbins. His eyes roved over his sexy target.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed it wickedly. I watched, fascinated, my chest heaving. His face turned bright red and he trembled. All of his muscles tightened. He groaned like the earth was giving way. He leaned back like he was losing his balance and…

“Oh my God,” I said, squinting as he thrust forward.

I flinched.

An incredible arc of cum squirted from his purple head. It was truly magnificent, if a little gross. He totally splattered my breasts, and spilled some in my hair and down my cheek as well. The first blast was followed by a few more bursts of cum that cooled quickly on my skin and trickled between my breasts.

I’d never been come on before. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I sure felt naughty with his jizz on me. Josh smiled, lifted me up and gave me a big, friendly hug. His cum wiped off on his t-shirt (which he was still wearing).

Over the following weeks and months I really wanted it to happen again. I bought condoms to keep them handy even though I didn’t have a boyfriend. During my last year in college I dreamed of taking that threesome to the next level, but it didn’t happen. I should’ve made something happen, but I guess I’m just not sexually assertive enough to really ask for what I want.

I had two men in my mouth and I mastered both of them. I could check it off my bucket list. I’ve never felt so powerful as I did pleasuring two guys at the same time.

Mark, Josh and I stayed friends through college. We never hooked up again, although I always wondered if it might happen. All three of us ultimately paired up with other people, got engaged, got married… I never told my husband about what happened that night, since I’m still in touch with the guys and I’m sure he’d be very jealous. While I’m sure nothing will ever happen after all these years, I still secretly smile when I think of them.

I kind of hope that their wives don’t know that I blew them both. At the same time. I like that it’s just my little secret with the guys.

Trio, Part 2

Read Trio, Part 1.

Brie shook hands with Adam’s wife Patrice. She was a petite Frenchwoman with silky black hair and a lithe body like a dancer. She probably was a dancer, Brie thought. She felt like a clumsy oaf next to the elfin Patrice.

Patrice hugged Brie warmly and gave her a tour of the house. She took her by the hand, as if they were old friends. Brie found her delightful, like a bundle of positivity. Hell, Brie forgot about Adam, suddenly she had a crush on Patrice!

“It’s so nice of you to watch us make love,” Patrice said, her soft accent charming Brie to the core.

Brie smiled. “Uh, it’s nice of you to invite me. Have you, um, done this before?”

Patrice smiled. “Oh, my dear. Yes of course. Many times.”

“Oh.” Brie no longer felt so special.

“But it’s hard to find people who are authentic to join us. You seem just so sweet. It’s easy to love you.”

Brie blushed. “Well, that’s nice.”

Patrice leaned in and kissed Brie on the lips. A shiver ran through Brie’s body.

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Trio, Part 1

Brie could hardly sit still. Her pencil hand shook as she drew him. He was so attractive: lean, muscular, athletic. And he was naked. He knelt at the center of the studio like a god, his body flexed and gleamed in the afternoon sun. Her eyes wandered to his penis and she blushed. He had more than was fair for a man that handsome.

She bit her lip and tried to concentrate on the art. She was a professional, after all. She glanced at the woman next to her, who appeared to be totally focused on her drawing, but Brie spotted the tell-tale flush on her cheeks. Face it, all of the art students in the room were aroused by this guy. Well, the women at least, and probably a few of the men, too.

She told herself to get a grip. She stopped even pretending to sketch and just soaked in his beauty.

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