Pussy Worship Search Terms

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I’m always curious to take a look at which keywords bring people to my site. This year, the theme is clearly “pussy worship”. My most popular post was indeed a story called Pussy Worship.

I’m a huge fan of my own pussy and I totally believe that it should be worshiped. I’m also enthusiastic about worshiping other pussies, should one happen along. Maybe I’ll have to write some more stories about this kink, since it seems to be something people want to read!

There are also a fair number of references to strippers and stripping. My next most popular story last year was The Awkward Stripper’s Audition. It’s not the story I would have guessed would rise to the top, that’s for sure.

I wish I could know more about you, my readers. What are your kinks? Gender? Sexual orientation? Age range. Coupled, single or something else? How often do you masturbate (I assume you do, I assume everyone does)? I just want the anonymous, aggregated data. Is that too much to ask?

These keywords are also almost like erotic story requests. I hear you loud and clear that you’re looking for pussy worship and stripper stories. What other keywords can I indulge you with? Personally, I’ve been hankering to write more anal play and public nudity.

Here are some of the most entertaining terms so you can enjoy them, too:
  1. my husband worship’s my pussy
  2. female domination pussy worship stories
  3. penetration fantasy sexlibris lusting and thrusting
  4. pussy.worship.piss
  5. women femdom pussyworship
  6. stripper opens legs wide showing pussy
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  14. stripper moaned story
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  16. naked vagina
  17. striptease audition stories
  18. what is pinace & vagina
  19. embarrassed female stripper
  20. “the joy of sex” bondage
  21. pull down your pants show me your butt hole
  22. spreadem stage strip
  23. stripper auditions 2015

Erotic bloggers! I showed you mine, do you want to show me yours?

A Slut Like Me

This is an erotic request from Will Crimson. He was the first to respond to the Bonus section at the end of my tediously long post on Creative Commons. This story is exactly 500 words long, and Will has agreed to write a response from the other perspective.

Photo by FotographieLink, with modifications. CC-0 (Public Domain)

I sipped eggnog, hiding in a shadowy corner of the warehouse, observing the chaos of the office party. Music thundered, killing even the possibility of conversation.

I adjusted my bra strap. My eyes were on Tor. I’d positioned myself to spy on him, trying to screw up the nerve to ask him out.

I wanted to fuck Tor. It wasn’t complicated.

I watched him across a sea of people. He talked to a slim woman I recognized from HR.

You don’t want her, I said silently to him. You want a slut like me.

I took a deep breath. My heart raced. I needed to make a move. I wanted to say, I want you inside me. Too forward?

“Go,” I said to myself, clenching a sweaty fist. “Go.”

I jostled my way through the crowd, my eyes glued to Tor. His admirer’s back was turned toward me, and I felt a violent urge to shove the pretty blond bitch.

Just then I was knocked to the ground, like instant karma for wanting to push that girl. Some inebriated sonovabitch. He hadn’t even realized that he toppled me and he kept on dancing. Jackass.

A shadow leaned over me. I stared. He looked like a goddamn Greek god. Let’s call him Apollo.

“You okay?” he said, helping me up.

I nodded, glancing at Tor.

“You don’t want him,” the guy shouted over the music. “You want a slut like me.”

I gaped.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me.”

He’d pulled those words right out of my head, like threads from a fraying pair of panties.

“What am I thinking now?” I said, barely breathing.

He leaned in. “You’re thinking me, on the balcony, right now.”

He was right. I took his hand and guided it under my skirt. Never mind the people around.

“You want a slut like me,” I said as his fingers caressed my heat through the fabric.

I kissed him, my mouth hot and eager. He was too cool for desire, waiting for me to break apart on his shoals. He had a key to open something inside of me that I didn’t know was locked.

The second-floor balcony was dark and quiet on one end. Apollo leaned me over the railing. He pulled down my panties and suckled my cunt like an overripe fruit, making me moan as I watched those fools dancing and grinding down below.

“Sweet Jesus,” I gasped, grabbing the railing.

A tremor in my core buckled my knees. Just a foreshock, warning of the gathering earthquake.

Behind me, the man pulled up my skirt. He parted my buttocks, admiring my asshole. I didn’t look back. I knew he was going to fuck me and was eager to be taken.

As he penetrated me, I spotted Tor on the dance floor rubbing on that girl. Apollo’s cock drove deeply into my cunt, summoning a slippery orgasm. I clutched the railing while I watched Tor slip his tongue to the woman from HR.

The Request

The plot: You, woman, have your eyes on the perfect guy. It’s been a while since the last relationship. Finally, you’re in the same room as him. You’re at a party, or social function, or in a crowd in a street at Mardi Gras, maybe you’re wearing a mask. Maybe everyone is? You’re going to approach him. You know he’s single. And just about when you’ve screwed up your courage, there’s a guy who’s had his eye on you. He gets to you first. What do you do? Do you tell him, no? He’s cute too. And suddenly he’s a lot cuter. You’re torn when he pulls you, just the two of you, into a hidden nook for a clothed quickie, a sudden and insistent quickie that could turn into something more. But do you stop him? Or do you let him claim you? Do you claim him? Do you tell yourself you’re not really in a relationship yet. Which way does new love explore. 🙂  ~Will Crimson

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Important: I’m a semi-amateur sex writer, not a lawyer, so this is not legal advice. If you are a lawyer and I have this wrong, please let me know in the comments. I’ve had my fair share of dealings with the Creative Commons, including managing compliance, but that doesn’t make me an expert.

Update 12/6/2017: Queen Autumn has shared some documentation that WordPress offers on the subject. Please note that you should choose Option 1 (Copyright notice) or Option 2 (Creative Commons), but not both. By the way, be sure to check out her amazing story Twinkle Lights.

I see a lot of confusion about copyright and Creative Commons licenses on blogs. I want to post something to see if I can clear that up a little bit.

Here’s the TL;DR version:

  1. If you want to post your work but don’t want it to be shared or reused without your explicit permission, use a copyright statement with the words “All Rights Reserved”.
  2. If you actually want to allow other people to share, repost, distribute or modify your work without your permission, consider using a Creative Commons license.

If you read all the way to the end of this enormous mega-post, there’s a treat for you.


If you want to put your writing on the web, putting a copyright statement on your website is enough. You should also put “All Rights Reserved” next to the copyright. You can also state this in stronger terms with the following:

© [Full Name] and [Site Name], [Current Year or Year Range]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Your Name] and [Your Site Name] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Credit: WordPress | Prevent Content Theft

Obviously, most of the internet ignores this. It’s kind of a technicality in an age of flagrant reposting and sharing. But at least it’s something. You probably have no intention of allowing other people to use your writing, and it’s technically illegal if they do. You can actually take them to court if you want to.

Creative Commons

I’ve also seen some writers putting one of the Creative Commons licenses on their writing. Creative Commons is a kind of license that allows sharing, modification, and redistribution of your work under certain terms. There are several licenses to choose from with different kinds of restrictions.

I usually see bloggers posting their content under Creative Commons (CC) by mistake. When I ask about the license (I’m genuinely interested) I learn that they actually want “All Rights Reserved” but have read someplace to use a Creative Commons license. This is a problem.

You see, when you apply the Creative Commons license to your work, you’re basically giving away some of your rights. You still own the copyright, but you’re telling the internet that you’re okay with certain kinds of sharing, so long as they follow the rules. The different licenses define those rules (see Licenses below).

I would not recommend using the Creative Commons licenses unless you know what you’re doing. Also, once you’ve licensed a work under Creative Commons, you can’t revoke it.

Let’s say that you write a short story and publish it under Creative Commons. Someone else can take that story, and republish it themselves (as long as they follow the rules)! There’s nothing you can do about it, either, because the license gives them the right. And you can’t say “I don’t want it to be Creative Commons anymore”. No take backs. Once you’ve distributed a work as Creative Commons, it will always be under Creative Commons. So when your short story becomes the best known piece of short fiction in the twenty-first century, you’ll have no legal means to stop other people from freely using it (as long as they follow the rules of the license). You have given them that right.

I don’t mean to make it sound like this is bad. Creative Commons is awesome and I’m a big proponent. It’s absolutely perfect for those times when you do want to share. Maybe you’d really like to let your writing have a life of its own, encourage fanfic, or you’d like others to share it as widely as possible. Maybe you’re literally just writing for fun and you want to foster collaboration and remixing. It’s good for those cases, but be sure to know what you’re doing.

If you’re looking to share your work more freely, there’s a tool at Creative Commons that will help you choose the right license. They also have a great list of considerations before you license under the Creative Commons.

For convenience, I’ve copied the license summaries from the website and I’ve listed them below. I’m legally allowed to do this, because the website itself is licensed under a Creative Commons license! See how that helps make the internet a better place?


When you use something that’s under the Creative Commons license, you need to follow the rules of that license. In this case, it’s the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Here are the rules of that license:


So I need to give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. Here goes:

All of the text in “The Licenses” section below is from Creative Commons and licensed under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Modifications: removed some links to make things a little less cluttered.

The Licenses


This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.



This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to “copyleft” free and open source software licenses. All new works based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use. This is the license used by Wikipedia, and is recommended for materials that would benefit from incorporating content from Wikipedia and similarly licensed projects.



This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.



This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.



This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.



This license is the most restrictive of our six main licenses, only allowing others to download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.

We also provide tools that work in the “all rights granted” space of the public domain. Our CC0 tool allows licensors to waive all rights and place a work in the public domain, and our Public Domain Mark allows any web user to “mark” a work as being in the public domain.

In Conclusion

Wow. Thank you for reading. That’s a lot of information and I hope it was helpful. Since you got all the way to the end, here’s a little reward!

If you are attracted to men:

This photo is licensed under the CC-0 license (Public Domain). No attribution is required for CC-0, but I like to be a good girl so: Photo by deepkhicher.

If you are attracted to women:

This photo is licensed under the CC-0 license (Public Domain). No attribution is required for CC-0, but I like to be a good girl so: Photo by JerzyGorecki.

If you’re attracted to both men and women, then I guess you’re covered both ways!

Bonus: I’ll write a 500-word erotic short story for the first person to request one in the comments on this post. Just tell me what kind of story you want to hear! If it’s out of my comfort zone I’ll politely let you know.



Update 2/9/2018

I didn’t think to check this, but it looks like Tess let her domains expire but her sites are still live on the free WordPress.com plan.


This makes me happy, kind of. Mostly, I really just want to know that she’s okay. But more selfishly, I want her to keep writing. So, this is better than them being gone-gone from the web forever.

Original Post

I’m sad.

I was thinking about how much I miss reading new stories from one of my favorites, Tess MacKenzie. She’s been offline since 2015 or so, and every few months I think about how much I miss her unique voice. She somehow managed to make getting fucked by a lineup of men sound cute. I basically love everything that she’s written and wish I was half as good as she is.

Just tonight I was thinking about how I want to write more like her, and then clicked over to her sites and… They’re gone.

The domains tessmackenzie.com and lusthurts.com have expired and the sites have disappeared from the internet. They’re in the Wayback Machine, and there are lots of her stories on Wattpad and Smashwords, but she hasn’t been active for a long time in any of these places.

It makes me really sad.


Topless Waiters & Bare Baristas

Topless Waiters

I got a follow from Topless Waiters in Melbourne, which is just exactly the kind of link I will be sure to click. Their little plan has worked because now I have to share this picture with all of you. All I have to say: BOTTOM REVEALING APRONS.

The site isn’t a lot of fun to read, but plenty of fun to look at! “Make sure your Hens Party is one to remember!”

As an American, I’ve never heard the phrase “Hen Party” but I’m using it from now on!


Bare Barristas

While I’m on the subject, did you know about the “bikini barista” coffee stands that have been popping up over the last ten years? Most of the ones I’ve seen are in the West and Pacific Northwest (saw one in Eureka, CA this summer).

I believe that nudity is good for society. Breasts in particular. And this isn’t even nudity, most of the women wear bikinis. Why is this a big deal? “Oh mah gahd, that gal’s got her titties hangin’ aut!”

Pretty sure nobody’s ever been harmed by boobs.


Feedback & Reminiscence

I recently took a look back at some of the emails that I’ve received from readers/fans. This one from Skylar has always been one of my favorites, dear to my heart:

Iv never known up until recently that for some reason why I don’t  read books none. Books were of such a bore to me I can’t even explain. I’m 18, just turned and have started reading and you already know what about paranormal romance/erotica and at the end of one of your books you said the best compliment I could ever receive is being told it was one handed read. For me it most definitely was a one handed read thank you for writing books for young girls like me.


This was during my Monster Erotica phase, when I tried to get on the Cum for Bigfoot money train under one of my numerous pseudonyms. Unfortunately, I was a little late and Amazon brought the Adult Dungeon crashing down. It’s too bad, I rather liked writing goofy horror-tinged erotica, but while my books sold some copies they never made me rich. 🙂

I often say that the best compliment you can give me is to let me know that my story was a one-handed read for you, which is what she’s referring to in the email. It really made me think about the role of erotica. How cool is it that she didn’t enjoy reading until she started reading erotica?

I responded:

hiya, skylar

reading is one of the great escapes. i love to get away into my own world and explore my fantasies. writing is my own private playground, and i love sharing that with others. 
it is truly rewarding to know that someone else has gotten pleasure from my stories. thank you so much for sharing.
We had a brief correspondence. I’m convinced that she was earnest. I’ve had lots of great interactions with readers and writers over the years, but this remains my favorite. And it reinforces for me the reasons why I write smut.

Martha & Paul (HIS & HERS )

This story is an experiment with two perspectives. Each is 69 words long. 


Her name was Martha, an old-fashioned name for a modern girl, with the looks of an innocent but the soul of a succubus. Every day when she got home she peeled off her panties, hiked up her skirt, and sat down on the couch with her pale legs spread. She was pink and ready, and I loved the slick silk of her pussy, so wet and hungry for cock.


His name was Paul, a skinny man with a hooked penis. We lived together in Venice for a sweet summer. I was also fucking a muscular Italian man every afternoon in secret. The Italian liked to finger me brutally to orgasm before pumping me full of jizz. Paul loved the musk of my sweaty furrow. He eagerly fucked me, never realizing. Hungry, my devious cunt feasted upon his betrayal.

Photo by Sacha Federowsky (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)